Travelling around Manila and nearby places?

Places of interest - where to meet people - best places to stay - how to get around - best mode of transport - some inexpensive places to eat local food - shopping?

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    FIRST OF ALL, Manila is rated by Yahoo Travel forum people as being higher than Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore, and being at par or even better than Hong Kong, Tokyo, or Seoul in modernity, amenities, and shopping. It is also known as the ONLY Latin-Asian city in the world - so much so that lots of foreign travelers say that Manila is more like Mexico City than Asia - which is true enough. And another fact -- Manila is NOT the Philippines. The farther you go away from the capital (which is the 6th largest metropolis in the world), the more Pacific Islander and Asian the people become.

    Places of Interest (Historical)

    1. Intramuros - former capital of Spanish Pacific Empire

    2. Rizal Park - Chinese garden, statue of the national hero, relief map of the Philippines

    3. Quezon Memorial Center

    Where to Meet People, Eating, and Shopping

    >The Philippines is the 14th largest country in the world in terms of population, so you won't have difficulty meeting people. The Philippines is the third most diverse country in the world, having the indigenous Filipinos, Spanish, Americans, Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs, Indonesians, Eurasians, Amerasians, and any other nationality you care to imagine.

    >SHOPPING is the best in Asia. Professional shoppers have said that in the entire Asian continent, the Philippines has the most European and American shops, even beating Hong Kong, Bangkok, Seoul, and others.

    >ALL GUIDEBOOKS testify to the fact that in Manila, every cuisine is represented, be it Italian to Thai, and from Chinese to Iranian. Local restraurants that are cheap include Aristocrat (Roxas Boulevard) , Barrio Fiesta (United Nations Avenue), and Kamayan (Timog Avenue; Megamall). Local fastfoods include Jollibee (Filipino style McDonalds), Greenwich Pizza (Filipino style Pizzeria), Chowking (Filipino style Chinese restaurant). Western fastfoods, such as McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, Shakeys, Pizza Hut, Baskin Robbins, Dairy Queen, Carl's Jr., and a whole plethora of other fastfoods have also made inroads to Philippine eating scene and have been taken whoelheartedly as part of local everyday life. Special local-brand Italian restaurants include Cibo and Yellow Cab, which are cheap but popular among teens and yuppies.

    >Eastwood - strip of bars in Quezon City, 7 km northeast of Manila. Full of yuppies.

    >Aside from Eastwood, hip bar places include Metrowalk (Meralco Avenue near Eastwood), Tomas Morato Avenue, Makati Avenue (from Jupiter Street to RIzal Street), Fort Bonifacio and Greenbelt (both are mentioned below). Malate, as well as Quezon Avenue is not anymore the decent type of tourist bars and clubs, as it has become more of a hooker's place.

    >Mall of Asia - third largest mall in the World, located in Pasay City (4 km south of Manila).

    >Mega Mall - fourth largest mall in the World, located in Mandaluyong City (6 km east of Manila).

    >Greenhills - bargain center of Manila, a melting pot of Filipinos, Spanish, Chinese, Muslim, and any other Filipino ethnic group, located in the town of San Juan, 4 km east of Manila.

    >Makati Central Business District - entrepot of Americans and Europeans (The Philippines has Asia's largest American and Amerasian population). Located in the Makati CBD are the Glorietta and Greenbelt (frequented by top-caliber Filipino actors, actresses, and models, who are mostly Eurasian or Amerasian anyway). Mainstay of expats and yuppies alike. A posh place.

    >Ortigas Central Business District - a string of malls, which are Robinson Galleria, Mega Mall, Shangri-La, the Podium, and St. Francis Square.

    >TIendesitas - mall-in-a-park, frequented by Eurasians and rich Filipinos alike, located in Pasig City, capital of Rizal province, 12 km east of Manila.

    >Rockwell PowerPlant- touted as the address of Fashionable Asia. Frequented by expatriates and rich Filipino Eurasians and Filipino Amerasians, as well as Chinese. Located in Makati City, 8 km southeast of Manila.

    >Fort Bonifacio - The Philippines' answer to Malaysia's Putrajaya - as of now, this is still under construction. When finished, it will be the Manhattan of Asia.

    Best Places to Stay:

    1) Sofitel Philippine Plaza

    2) EDSA Shangri-La Hotel

    3) Makati Shangri-La Hotel

    4) Century Park Sheraton Hotel

    5) Sofitel Grand Boulevard Hotel, and of course, the

    6) Manila Hotel

    How To Get Around and Best Mode of Transport

    >Manila has lots of transportation options, like Taxis, light rail transits, buses, and jeepneys. Hotels also offer services for transport - this is the best way to get around the Metro. Nevertheless, you want a cheap transport option, better print out a map from Wikipedia, like the Manila Rail Transit Map, and study it. Most of the above places I recommended are easily accessible from the transit stations.


    Tagaytay Highlands - private club that has the feel, atmosphere, and look of Switzerland. 69 km south of Manila. It is part of Tagaytay City, which is itself a tourist scenery because of the nearby Taal Volcano and the cool climate.

    Punta Fuego - private club that imitates Ibiza and the Brazilian coast. Lots of expats have their homes here. 100 km southwest of Manila.

    Lake Caliraya - man-made lake that is 120 km southeast of Manila. It is flanked by all sides of mountains and easily resembles American lakes.

    Angeles - site of former Air Base of the Americans, resulting to many of the people here being part Amerasian. 50 km north of Manila. Not really interesting in itself, except that it is the gateway to Mount Pinatubo, a tourist attraction.

    Olongapo/Subic - site of former Naval Base of Americans, lots of Amerasians too. 89 km northeast of Manila. Has a lot of Duty Free shops, and looks like a typical American city, which its' large highways, boulevards, and the faces of the local Amerasian people. It reputedly has the world's longest single runway.

    Baguio City - Summer Capital of the Country. 300 km north of Manila. Gateway to the Mountain cultures.

    In sum, Manila, as every traveler should say, should be the first point of entry by every Westerner to Asia, because cultural shock is not common, due to the Philippines having imbibed much of their culture from the Spanish and the Americans - example, Filipino temperament is derived exclusively from the Spanish, Filipino music is a distinct fusion of Pacific, Spanish, and American cultures, and Filipino food is a hodgepodge of Spanish, Chinese, and Pacific cuisines.

    Furthermore, the Philippines also is the third largest English speaking country in the world, and is only one of two Asian countries which are predominantly Christian.

    The native Philippine languages are considered to be Hispano-Austronesian - meaning, mixed Pacific Islander and Spanish languages.

    Filipino culture is considered by most culturalists as part of "The West". Bloodlines are also distinct from the rest of Asia, since most Filipinos, aside from being Pacific Islander and some Chinese, also have Mexican, Spanish, Arab, and Polynesian lineage.

    Source(s): Academic and other sources.
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    okay... if you're a historical buff, you should check out Fort Santiago in Intramuros (walled city), or Rizal Park (the site where the Filipino National Hero was shot dead). You can also visit the National Museum, it's nearby Rizal Park. The people are friendly, you can meet one almost anywhere, although it must be noted that petty crimes do happen, so stay cautious. The local bar scene is a good place as any to start. You should check out Libis, The Fort, and Ermita for that matter. We got a lot of hotels overlooking Manila Bay, the perfect spot for watching the sunset, its famous for it. We got jeepneys, taxis, buses, and even tricycles/pedicabs, and the occassional horse-drawn carriages locally known as "Kalesa" (you can often find them waiting around Binondo area, the local Chinatown). For food, local restaurants that you'd probably want to check out: Cabalen (buffet style), Kamayan (buffet style), Aristocrat (ala carte), Bacolod Chicken Inasal (ala carte, you should try their Native Hot Choco, yum city), Jollibee (local fastfood)... Actually, there's plenty of places to eat, but you should also try the street food, they're very good (recalls having "Kwek-Kwek" - fried quail eggs dipped in sweet or vinegar mix sauces). As for shopping, the places to hit would be Ayala Glorietta and Greenbelt in Makati, Rockwell, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, The Podium, RDS Galleria, Alabang Town Center, Trinoma (opening tom), SM North Edsa The Block, Citywalk Libis... well, we got plenty of shopping malls that you can explore. Hope that help... there's way a lot to do if you're ready to experience plenty... Good luck to you ^^

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    Places of interest, where to meet people: Bay walk, malate, intramuros, libis

    Best places to stay: Manila Hotel

    Best mode of transportaion - jeepney, kalesa

    inexpensive place to eat local food: - streets of manila, "turo-turo"

    shopping - divisoria, tiendesitas, rustans, Mall of Asia

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    Don't forget the Green Hills Mall. If you're looking for a fake Rolex Watch, or any designer thing the entire mall is filled with that. Great fun!

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    Hi there, if ever your in Manila, try to contact this guys,

    details is within the site, they have transport and local guides to assist you on your travel.

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    When in the Manila area Corregidor is a must see!

  • shopping here is can go to tiangge in tutuban or greenhills. or go to the malls like mall of asia, sm (almost everywhere), glorietta and greenbelt.

    for local food, go to kamayan. if you want fine dining, try serendra in global city, taguig.

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    Join Virtual Tourist website. It has much more detail than you will find here.

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    copy and paste this link and you'll get lots and lots with reviews from people who have been there and who've done their thing!

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    much to do and see in Manila...enjoy your stay

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