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NanCy asked in 科學地理學 · 1 decade ago






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    Kui Pishan north side sea Yang You a sandbar terrain, the native is called the flourishing sand tail, the Kui Pishan sea area has two footpaths to understand the red islet (to be possible separately to appreciate volcano dike, crater, olivine basalt, sea eclipse ditch and so on), left side footpath engagement flourishing Sha Ziwei, the ecology resources is richer, the coral, the shellfish, the crab and so on find at everywhere.Red islet, flourishing Sha Wei, between Kui bishan when ebb tide three constitutions does not dry up all year long between the tide the deep pool is called 'big deep pool hole'.The deep pool bottom has shan the butterfly reef, the dike, the wave seabed, the seaweed and so on.


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    Begging one shoal topography in the sea in the north of Kui Bi mountain, locals call the luxuriant sand end, sea area has a difference between two pavements to lead to the red small island on Kui Bi mountain Can appreciate volcanic rock and pulse , crater , olivine and basalt , marine abrasion ditch ,etc. , square pavement on the left links up young animal's tail of luxuriant sand, ecological resources are more abundant , coral , shellfish , crab ,etc. are seen everywhere. Three are formed and is called " large pool and cave " in the pool among tide not drying up perennially when ebbing tide among red small island , luxuriant sand end , Kui Bishan. There are coral butterfly reef , rock and pulse , wave type sea floor , marine alga ,etc. at the pool bottom.

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