How can you determine if a yahoo email came from russia?

I received an email where the sender told me that they were in Russia. the email states the the sender was a yahoo account, with a would a russian yahoo email contain any other identifying marks. If the sender's email address is, would that only be here in the united states?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It depends if trying use more English services i have two emails one is with yahoo com which use sign up for services that none Russian. but one i answer emails to is Russian internet,websites and email services have .ru instead of .com. If the sending is portraying email service to Russian service that it probly is fake

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Yahoo Online Support@+1^800^782^3911

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  • binzel
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    4 years ago

    unsure the thank you to do it by applying applying email, yet you need to open a blog that helps comments with a music IP address function. you are able to ask him/her to remark on your blog and then log the IP address. then you fairly can seek interior the yank Registry for internet Numbers (ARIN). If his/her IP address seems in that record, he/she isn't in Russia or is remotely applying an American computing device, that's shady in and of itself. stable success.

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