has anyone seen the elton john video where...?

he has like bleached blonde hair and is wearing a hot pink 90's jogging suit and a hat and hes playing benny and the jets and he is like on crack or something?

its possibly the best video ive ever seen in my life

and it was on youtube

but it is not there anymore

its not on google video either

i dont know where to find it :[

if you have it on your computer or have a link to it

will you send 'er my way?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You are most likely speaking of the MTV "Unplugged" concert, done around 1989 or so when the "Sleeping With the Past" album was out. His hair was bleached platinum blonde, and he just wore a pink tracksuit and a black baseball cap (this was pre-hairpiece days).

    Elton was the first artist to be given a full hour on the show, and it was just him and the piano (He usually did "solo" tours like that, dating all the way back to 1977 or so, just with Ray Cooper on percussion). I don't think there was ever an "official" release of that show, but likely you could find it on Ebay. Just search under "Elton MTV Unplugged".

    Good luck.

    Oh, and for the record, he likely was coked up...that was just before he put himslef in rehab in 1990.

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