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Who was the worst head coach in NFL history?

I feel the question pretty much speaks for itself. There have been some awful ones, but which one is the worst in NFL history. A couple of things: try to limit the answers to coaches who coached at least one year or at the very least people who were hired before the beginning of the season with the intention of being the team's long term coach. Stay away from coaches who were brought in merely as midseason replacements and then were replaced at the end of the season. Also, don't pick coaches to make some sort of statement about how you feel about a coach or team. For example, if you're a Cowboys fan don't say "I think Joe Gibbs is the worst coach ever because the Redskins suck!!" Happy answering

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    Going way back here - Phil Handler

    1943- Chicago Cardinals 0-10

    1944- Chicago/Pittsburgh Carpets 0-10

    1945- Chicago Cardinals 1-9

    1949- Chicago Cardinals 2-4

    Career Record 3-33

    PS. I love how Tina rips on those that have named Dennis Green as the worst coach, then she proclaims that Bum Phillips is the worst. Tina, you might want to know that Bum Phillips actually went to two straight AFC Championship games, and has a career record of 82-77

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    Dennis Green is horrible but he did manage to get some of his Vikings teams into the playoffs (although grossly underachieving once they got there).

    Wayne Fontes from Detroit is another coach who deserves mention, if for no other reason then not being able to get a Barry Sanders led team into the post-season more than once. Ouch! Talk about squandering a Hall-Of-Fame Talent.

    No, for my money I would say that the Jets (and Eagles) Rich Kotite was the worst head coach I have ever seen (ie...post 1978). 3-13 and 1-15 in successive seasons, Kotite became the first NFL coach to lead his team to successive #1 picks in the draft (based on merit not trades). After the Jets cut Kotite loose, Bill Parcells came in and won 8 more games the following season with basically the same players.

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    It's a toss up between Kotite and Dennis Green. I'd say Green because he has been given more time to do more damage (we all know why).

    Green's teams have under-acheived in every single season he has been a coach. My brother is a Vikings fan and the happiest day of his fandom was when the finally let that moron go. His Cardinal team comes out with a great game plan on Monday night and builds a lead on what everyone thought was the best defense in the league. Green decides to sit on the ball in the second half and they choke the game away. What does he do? Fires the guy who came up with the great game plan.

    Green wins this argument.

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    This is a very subjective question that varies on the individual answering.

    I'll stick with current head coaches and put my vote for Wade Phillips. He's screwed up on at least two previous stops - namely Buffalo and Atlanta.

    In 1999, he benched Doug Flutie - who had been starting for the Bills for the entire season - in favor of the overrated Rob Johnson; partially as a result, Buffalo loses in the first round to Tennessee (and the Music City Miracle).

    In Atlanta, he forced a Falcons team that was suited for a 4-3 defense to play a 3-4 (which is a crap scheme to begin with) and they suffered defensively.

    What was Jerry Jones thinking when he hired this guy to coach in Dallas?

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    Mike Nixon. Coached the Redskins in 59 & 60 &compiled a record of 4-18-2. He then went to another team (Pittsburgh?) where he was equally horrible.

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    Hank Bullough, coached the Bills from 1985-86. Went a combined 4-17, infamously said on local radio, "That really took the sail out of our wind."(a quote paradoxically repeated two years ago by Mike Mularkey.) He was fired mid-way through the '86 season due to sheer ineptitude.

  • As a head coach, Rich Kotite sucked big time. His lost 31 of his last 35 games. The teams he won with in Philly weren't even his doing, and he had Bud Carson as his Defensive Coordinator.

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    Modern Era: Dennis Green 2006

    Past: 1918-1919 Harvey Grisdale Grossman, Sr.

    Boston Warriors went 0-8 under his regin in 2 seasons

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    Dennis Green was a great coach with Minnesota, so to call him the worst coach ever is speaking with ignorance. He did fail in Arizona, but who hasn't?!!! Some of you need to grow up and learn your history about football, geez!

    The worst coach I can recall was Bum Phillips.

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    In my memory, David Shula was about the worst coach I've ever seen. The Bengals sucked big time every year and he was a wimp who had no control over the team.

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