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please help now i'm stuck on this?

has anyone ever read the book called pagan's crusaide? well if u have i have to do a report on it and i'm stuck on it. i have to do a 1 page hand written summery on it and a 1 page hand written assingment on an event or person that is truee or false and why or why not? can anyone give me some ideas or at least tell me wat is true and/or flalse in this book

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    Pagan is a 16-year-old boy who was born in Jerusalem during the 1100's. Pagan is half Arab, and he is an orphan. He needs a place to live and money, so he goes to the Knights Templar center to sign up as a Templar squire. He ends up as the squire of Lord Roland Roucy de Bram. They are assigned to escort and protect groups of pilgrims visiting Jerusalem's holy sites. The pilgrims have a very annoying tour guide named Joscelin. Joscelin tells the pilgrims false facts. And then the tourists start playing a game that would likely be called "Name That Saint". It's funny because instead of playing games that we play now, such as "Name That State" it's "Name That Saint".

    Near the end of the book the Muslims conquer Jerusalem. The Christians have to pay to be free or become a slave. What I thought was the funnies part was when the Crusaders, Balian, and Lord Roland, are haggling with Saladin over how much a person should be worth to be free. I find that funny because when they are haggling it sounds like haggling over something like a pound of cheese, not a person.

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