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What are some ideas you have to conserve energy, and put a lid on gas emissions?

Some of mine:

Build extremely tall wind turbines, tall enough to reach the jet stream which is extremely windy.

REQUIRE structures to have solar panels on their roofs.

Create some kind of a filter which will be placed on the exhault pipe of cars and stops the greenhouse gasses from being emitted

Stop drilling for oil, and invest our science in discovering natural fuels

Drill extremely deep into the earth and use it's thermal power to generate our own power

Stop using paper, and invent some kind of electronic device which will act as a notebook for schools, and plant millions of trees.

Also, open a lot more plants which desalinize natural sea water and make it drinkable

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    Stop urban sprawl. One of the biggest problems in the United States especially is the fact that people are moving farther and farther away from where they work. I'm not sure what the statistics are behind it but I would bet money that a little research would show a drastic increase in the distance that the average American commutes to and from work.

    Decreasing urban sprawl would mean saving our already decreasing natural environments and preventing the needless waste of energy for transportation. Lets take those run-down sections of our cities and refurbish them. Yes, it costs more money that just paving over some field and sticking a building on it but, if we don't do it soon there may be no more fields left to pave over.

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    If we are trying to conserve energy, then we really need to think beyond personal transportation and consider the fuels used to generate the power required to manufacture and transport goods from one place to another. So, beyond turning off lights, chaining trips, and walking and biking more, we have to consider our own consumption habits. The food we purchase at the store requires the use of fuels to get to us. Relocalization is one way to become reliant on your local environment for things like food production. That and limiting how much stuff you purchase will go a long way towards reducing emissions, wasteful use of fossil fuels, etc. Think of what it costs to purchase goods made in other countries. It's hard to believe that the transportation fuel costs are included in what you pay for the goods. We definitely need to acknowledge some sacrifice and flexibility when making such changes to our lifestyles, but in the long run, we'll probably realize more enjoyment of our natural surroundings when we stop getting immediate gratification by going shopping.

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    An easy way is to replace your incandescent light bulbs with compact florescent bulbs. The CF bulbs use much less energy and they last much longer, so you save money and energy. It is a win-win situation.

    You can save a lot of energy if you drive your car less, get it tuned up, inflate the tires to the manufacturer's recommended level, change the fuel and air filters regularly, and drive the speed limit. Also, buy energy star appliances when it is time to purchase a new appliance and check out the sites below for more info!

    Source(s): Fight Global Warming - Save Energy Organization – 25 WAYS to Curb climate Change –
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    Well, something that our class thought of was making a car that uses the emissions already in the air as fuel. Basically, it wouldn't need gas, just suck up the air! All the pollutants are the fuel and in the end, the "exhaust" would be clean oxygen!

    I really liked that idea but how to do something like that, I haven't the slightest idea! Maybe one day...I'll figure something out!

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    How about the BIGGIE

    Vote for politicians with enough courage to impose MPG restrictions on Autos.

    There is no reason we cant be getting 30 or more MPG on every car. Government is going to have to mandate it to make it happen. Its time to step up.

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    We Should all convert to Amish & Menionite as they very clean life in every respect and Very Earth friendly!!

    Not like the Inventor of the Internet "Al Gore"

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    I don't drive because its bad for the earth and the environment. I unplug my mom's coffee pot. I walk every day. I try my best to take short showers, I washed my clothes on cold, I don't smoke or drink, I recycle plastic bags, I turn off lights too. I rest in my bed.

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    "Build extremely tall wind turbines, tall enough to reach the jet stream which is extremely windy."

    The superstructure this would require makes it pretty impractical.

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    cool ideas i had an idea too. salt water can give energy (i learned this as an experiment in school) so we could take energy from the oceans instead of burning coal

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    Save energy at home. Such as unplugging things when they are not in use, shutting off your lights or TV when they are not needed...etc

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