How can I find a good, reputable Chinese restaurant?

I live near Royal Oak, Mich. I'm normally an adventurous eater and am open to trying almost any restaurant. But I stopped by a buffet near my new apartment where the food was inexplicably disgusting-- enough to where I spit it out, and I'm not a picky eater at all. My boyfriend and I were allowed to leave without paying because the food was so, so, so bad.

The experience has made me a little leery of going into random restaurants. So does anyone know any good Chinese restaurants in the Royal Oak area, or have tips for finding a good one? Our friends live in other cities, so they don't know the restaurants enough to give us a recommendation.

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    Have you had PF Chang's? I love it, but I am not sure where the closest one to Royal Oak is.

    In addition to the MetroTimes restaurant guide as mentioned be the previous poster, I really like to use AOL's Cityguide to find restaurants. They include a professional review and description as well ratings and comments by members. I find it very helpful.

    They currently have 3 Chinese restaurants listed in Royal Oak. Here is the link to that:

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    OMG there is a chinese restaurant inside of northland mall. The food is great and they give you alot. So much that the box bearly closes. Northland mall is in southfield on greenfield and 9mile. Thats not far from royal oak.

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    You should try the Peking House on Washington St. in downtown Royal Oak its got great food & great prices!

    Here is the website

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