Need some help with my fantasy baseball team?

Here's my team:

C-Miguel Olivo (FLA-C)

C-John Buck (KC-C)

1B-Albert Pujols (StL-1B) (CAN'T CUT LIST)

2B-Ryan Theriot (ChC-2B/SS)

3B-Joe Crede (ChW-3B)

3B-Ryan Freel (CIN-3B/2B/OF)

SS-Edgar Renteria (ATL-SS)

OF-Jermaine Dye (ChW-OF)

OF-Darin Erstad (ChW-OF)

OF-Jose Cruz (SD-OF)

OF-David DeJesus (KC-OF)

OF-Sammy Sosa (TEX-OF)

OF-Curtis Granderson (DET-OF)

SP-Daisuke Matsuzaka (BOS-SP)

SP-Tom Glavine (NyM-SP)

RP-David Aardsma (CwS-RP)

RP-Bobby Jenks (CwS-RP)

SP-Javier Vázquez (CwS-SP)

SP-Tim Wakefield (BOS-SP)

SP-Jarrod Washburn (SEA-SP)

SP-Carlos Zambrano (ChC-SP) (CAN'T CUT LIST)

This is my first year playing fantasy baseball and I've been in last place in my league for a couple of weeks now. Anybody got any suggestions for any pick-ups or trades that I can make?

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    Yes you DO NEED HELP WITH YOUR TEAM. Fantasy baseball is not easy and it takes a lot of startegy to build a succesful team. It all starts in the draft, and to me it looks like you did not do to well. I'm guessing you had the number 1 overall pick too.

    Lets start with the goods.

    Albert Pujols is slumping but is still probably the best player in baseball.

    Edgar Renteria is a solid shortstop.

    Jermaine Dye is your best outfielder.

    Unfortunately that is about it.

    You always have to have closers on your team and it looks like you have 0. That right there is an automatic last place in the saves category unless you pick up some closers (which most are taken by now.) Ideally a team should have at least 3 closers.

    3rd Base is a position where you need a pure power hitter which you do not have. Freel can be used in the OF for SB's but should not be in at 3rd base. Crede is struggling but he might be your only choice since you are going to need to make so many changes.

    Drop Erstad, he is not worth anything in fantasy baseball. You really need help in your OF. You have 1 good outfielder and 5 bench worthy players. Try to make some kind of trade for some outfielders. At least pick up 2 solid OF's.

    Definitlely find a way to get closers, like I said earlier. Your starting pitching is your strength of this team. You don't need to make any changes there.

    I think your best bet would be to trade one of your best players, maybe Albert Pujols and get 3 good players in return. That is really the only way I can see you even coming close to making these improvements.

    Do I see you contending for the championship this season? No, probably not, but you can use this season to get a feel for fantasy baseball and see what strategies other players use. I think you should try to get out of last place though.

    Hope this helps and good luck in fantasy baseball.

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    Your pitching looks pretty good, but your hitting may need some tweaks. Olivo and Buck arent the best catchers, i would try to trade for a different catcher. Ryan Theriot is playing good, but he wont last long, so i also would get rid of him. And whats with the 6 OF? try dropping a couple of those guys for like a back up SS, 2B, or 1B. ( maybe jose cruz and sammy cuz he wont last the whole year)

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    Lets see...... See if there is a better option for C. I would look for a replacement for 2B, and 3B as well. Find a better option at OF besides Erstad and Cruz. You should be able to upgrade all those positions. Get rid of Aardsma and fine another RP. I would consider dropping one of those OF and picking up an extra SP.

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    You have a ton of OF's but few are worth having on a team, I'd start by slimming them down. You need to improve you're catching situation because I'm sure there is a better catcher available to be picked up. As for pitching, starters are good, but I'd probably trade one or two to find an OF and a closer. All you have is Jenks closing. That's not going to get it done. Plus, you don't need that many starters because there's a limit to innings pitched.

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    I can tell by team you were first pick in draft and you didn't show up for live draft or prerank b4

    of is filled with so many guys who are waiver guys starting pitching is solid

    stick to one catcher drop other and make offers to trade you may be in last but if this is head to head then all you have to do is to make it up to 6th

    work the waiver wire trade for a closer

    do some crazy sh%t if it is your first time what do you have to lose right

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    for pitching try getting pettite, wandy rodriguez, or roy oswalt. for hitting, id find a new outfielder. maybe damon? or maybe abreu or matsui.

    good luck

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