Global Warming.......?

Global warming is becoming a major threat

to our planet earth. we should start to take notice before we start to experience more serious changes in our environment.

do you agree or disagree? and why?

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    I agree we have a huge problem. But what most people dont do is look at it Globally. We need to try do our part would be great if the big companys stop looking at the $$$ and look more at what they could do to help curb the problem.

    I posted this before but it applies here it started from using the new light bulb and I kinda went from there.

    On the global warming issue. 1 Light bulb wont make a difference Billions of light bulbs would. if say LA or New York all went to the new light bulb can you even imagine how much less power the cities would use?

    And on the Global warming I am on the Yes its a natural occurrance we are just speeding it up and making it much more powerful. Sort of like, the sun shining on you and then add a magnifinging Glass same sun just made a little stronger. If you remember from history we are only about 10% of the global population left from the last one.We just populate fast.

    I would say try slow it down, it will happen regardless how fast depends on everyone on the planet. Most people are narrow minded and only think of a small section of the planet say United States, but you need to add Asia, Russia, Europe, Austrailia and such Think GLOBAL.

    Personally you want to know how bad it is check out the wild life. Like Bird Migration, Fish patterns, Plants.

    For example, Some Alaskan hunters ( Eskimos ) are afraid to hunt on Ice since they are losing more and more to thin ice now, they also see animals they have no names for, mainly birds and some fish. Ok this is roughly 5000 years of animal knowledge they passed along, sorta like say Flamingos nesting at the Great Lakes, we know them from discover channel or books. But take away the books you read or the discovery channel and you lived there all your life and you see them and ask you parents or grandparants and no one knows what kind of birds they were because as far back as they remeber no one has ever seen one now you have Thousands. (Flamingos were only used as a example.)

    Personally, I used to fish at Monterey California as a kid. Fishing was Fantastic in the summer months you always came home with enough, even more then enough did alot of catch and release.Go fish there now and you will not find fishing so great actually you usually go home with nothing. Thats only 20 year span here.

    Many sea birds are dieing and when they are studied showed that 80% of them died starvation.I think the report said they usually find around 10 dead birds now they found around 250. They have also noticed a pattern of the fish moving further and further north. The fish was another report from the birds but I think they should go hand in hand.Thats just in Monterey Bay.

    How does that affect us, maybe we should look at it more like a sign Like stop something is wrong here we should probably fix it. Will we, nah cost to much money maybe it will fix itself. From my little view point of it, its only getting worse but I am not a scientist I just lived there and seen it, and from reports its not any better to date. Like most stories its like anyone " hey bob how was the fishing , nothing got skunked again. Hey remeber when we were kids and we used to catch all them over by the Wilkins place on the river." That sounds alot like most fishing stories lately. But think of it as your life and when you go to a restuarant and want Halibut or say Rock Cod and they say sorry we are out and every place is out even Grocery Stores. Would you notice?

    Personally off Topic maybe. I am concerned about the bees.

    Most like myself thought oh honey shortage at first. Then thought about it more. Nope, less bees means less pollenaters, that means less nuts, less fruits, less food in general. amazing how one little thing can have a huge impact on the world when you look at what they do. Back to light bulb one light bulb not a biggy Billions of light bulbs now you see a difference.

    Look at the small things, they usually add up to something much bigger.

    Thanks for letting me Rant.

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    I totally agree! Just look my speech:

    Everybody has already heard something about global warming, but honestly: Are we doing enough? No, we’re not. We CAN, we SHOULD and we MUST do much more, because if we don’t we and our future generations are going to suffer the consequences.

    We live in a planet that is really fragile, and we cannot expect that it will stay all right after being damaged on daily basis by us. One of the main processes that causes global warming is the greenhouse effect. (show PowerPoint – here is an image explaining the greenhouse effect), as we can see here, the solar radiation pass through the atmosphere, some of it goes back to space, but others stay on Earth (which is good because it keeps our planet warm), but with the global warming happening the ones that are suppose to go back to the Space can’t go, instead they stay in our planet, causing hotter temperatures than normal).

    If we put a glass of ice outside in a hot day, of course that it will eventually melt, and the ice turns into water. That is exactly what is happening with our glaciers…Since some glaciers are melting the sea level rising is becoming a real threat. We are facing a big danger: if the West Antarctic ice shelf melts the sea level would raise 20 feet (6 meters), putting in danger places like New York, Florida, San Francisco Bay, the Netherlands and many more. (Show PowerPoint: this is what will happen to the World Trade Center Memorial, in Manhattan. And in Florida, where 15 million people live. And here there is Netherlands, where 16 million people live). If this happens “the maps of the world will have to be redrawn”.

    But we are not just facing the rise of sea levels. Many other things CAN and WILL happen to our beautiful planet, such as more hurricanes, droughts, floods, infectious diseases, a possibility of a new ice age, many deaths and of course the rise in temperatures (show PowerPoint: this is how our planet is right now, but if the global warming keeps happening it will turn into this, a completely different image).

    If you want to take action there are a lot of things that you can do, for example, don’t leave electronics, (such as computers, televisions, etc.) in standby mode (because even if they are in standby mode they are using energy, when you don’t actually need it); recycle (if you recycle you can save 2400 pounds of carbon dioxide a year, which is a big help for our environment); switch to green energy (green energy is the type of energy that is not going to damage the environment, this energy is made by natural processes, like solar power, wave power and wind power. One of the examples of the green energy things that you can buy are fluorescent lights); don’t use your car so many times (while you are using a car you’re burning fossil fuels, which are extremely dangerous for our environment); try not go by plane (airplanes are responsible for 2 to 3 percent of human CO2 emissions, because they trap energy in Earth's atmosphere); use less hot water (because it takes a lot of energy to heat water); plant more trees (one tree will absorb a ton of carbon dioxin over its lifetime) and spread the word (if a lot of people know about this world crisis it will be much easier to take action, because we will have everybody’s help).

    A man called Upton Sinclair wrote: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it”. This is why the politicians don’t do anything about it; but what do you prefer: Money or our planet Earth? It is not hard to choose, because without our planet we cannot have money. Why are we still ignoring this when we have so much proof that this is real? For example: the Lake Chad: in 1963 it was a beautiful big lake in Africa, but now it doesn’t exist. The Ward Hunt ice shelf in Canada has broken apart. 2005 was the hottest year ever and the hurricanes have become bigger and more: some examples are the hurricane Katrina (in New Orleans, Louisiana) and the hurricane Rita (in Texas and Louisiana). We cannot say: “I am only one person, I am not going to change the world by doing this” If you say this, or think this way you are doing the wrong thing, because if we all help, a personal level will turn into a national level and then a global level. We know what to do, how to do it and we have everything that we need. If we are enough smart to create things like computers we are enough smart to solve this, we are only missing will.

    We can do two things about the global warming: spending all day long not caring about the problem, while millions of innocents die, and putting yourself in risk or do something about it and change our world. It is your decision…

    Source(s): My speech for english
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    Global warming is not a threat to the planet. The planet has gone through far more extreme climate shifts and managed just fine.

    Also, "taking notice" will have no impact on climate shift. It is being caused by things far beyond our ability to control.

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    I agree 100%. If we tackle this problem the potential benefits to our health, our society and our economy are huge. Designing communities around people instead of cars will save us money, time and emmissions. We will all get to know our neighbors better and we will significantly cut down on road rage (bonus!). 50,000 people WON'T die every year in car accidents. Eating locally grown, organic food will clear the air, rebuild the soil, make us healthier and benefit local farmers. Using locally generated renewable energy will cut emissions, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and create local jobs, not to mention keeping our energy dollars here. Don't think it can be done?? Denmark has kept energy use FLAT for 20 years while they have grown their economy and their population. They went from being an oil IMPORTER to EXPORTING oil. Anyone who claims fighting global warming will cripple the economy just isn't thinking it all the way through. Already companies such as Dow Chemical, Wal Mart, GE and Boeing are reaping the benefits by facing these challenges head on rather then hiding from them. The companies who will be crippled are those who ignore the problem (think GM). We have already started down this path. Of course, if the asker of this question is pre-disposed to agree only with those who are against global warming, which is obvious from the answer ratings, then this whole thing is a farce.

    Source(s): Natural Capitalism by Paul Hawken Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough April 16 issue of The Wall Street Journal
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    although our planet is expirencing global warming and we do contribute to it happening faster..the world has always had global warming it would come again if we were here or not.

    Now if we have the power to acutally stop it is still unknown we can probably just slow it down. But politians dont want to spend the billions of dollars on research to try to help the problem..they would rather use the money to give themselves a bigger payday.

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    I think this worry should have been started many years ago, so I agree with you. If we don't start save water, 3 Rs (recycling, reuse, reduce), polluting air and water, and so on, the ice from the poles will melt and flood many countries, the polar animals will disappear, many kinds of animals actually, there will be a shortage of food due to the floods and a spreading of diseases through water. Besides, we have to stop putting fire on the forests because it causes destruction of animals places, the erosion of the ground, the extinction of trees that are our lungs.

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    This is a cyclical event occuring every few hundred years. Man has nothing to do with it, and has nothing he can do to change it. Look at the dinosaurs. Ignore Al Gore and the politicians.

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    thegreen house efect is keep the sun rays in the planet and miltting the ice caps of the north pole the polarbeard are drowning. and we may lose the northpole by 2040 ad. and we may have a small ice age in2012 and it has nothing to do with a calander.

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    global warming is a lie and "an untruthful convenience"

    join the heresy

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    Yes I agree and so does more than half of America. But the other half are calling us "Al Gore" because they don't want to give up all their reckless pleasures.

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