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playing college sports.?

I never joined sports during high school because i never had a ride. college is starting soon, and I want to play in college. Maybe not as my freshman year, but as junior because I know i need alot of practice. am I still applicable to play for college even if I didnt paly for high school and I am not that good at all at this point.

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    Club sports are always a great option, as are intramural sports. The entry above that talks about DI and DII sports is dead on. If you play for a DIII school, it's a different story.

    My suggestion is that even if you think you are no good, try out. If you suck your freshman year, what makes you think you will be able to play by your junior year if you don't join the team and learn their techniques, plays, etc? You have more of a chance of making it as a freshman and playing through your junior year than just showing up and thinking you'll make it as a junior when they are looking to fill spots of seniors and juniors whio will be leaving with players they will be able to develop over the years.

    In short, go for it!

    Good luck ( =

    Source(s): I spent 4 years working as the assistant to the Athletic Director and playing a sport I never played in high school at a DIII school ( =
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    It depends on the school. If they have Division 1 atheletic programs you probably won't be able to walk on without much experience. If it's Division 2 or 3 you might have a chance. But there are always club sports which are for non-scholorship players and are more for fun.

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