When is the hanabi or yukata festival in japan?

When is the hanabi or yukata festival in japan? Coz im planning to go to tokyo this August. I want to know where in tokyo and when (exact date please).

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    if you're going this august you already missed it..

    * Yukata Matsuri (Yukata Festival)(June 22-24)

    It is a custom of Japanese people to begin wearing Yukata (cotton summer kimono) around this time of the year. This custom originated in the Edo period, and Himeji citizens hold a Yukata Matsuri to commemorate the old custom. A night fair opens in the castle, where more than 1,000 stalls sell cotton candy (Watagashi), toys and fireworks, etc. The night fair is said to be the biggest in Western Japan.

    but you could catch this one...

    * Oshiro Matsuri (Castle Festival) (1st Friday and Saturday of August)

    The biggest event in Himeji. More than 350,000 people enjoy seeing a Daimyo Gyoretsu (Procession of Feudal Lords), parade of ``The Queens of Himeji Castle'' and Himeji Grand Dance late into the night.

    At the same time another main event ``Himeji Castle Takigi Noh'' (Noh Play) is played on a stage lit up by bonfire. While watching the play, you will be carried off into the mystically beautifull world of Noh Plays.

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    I lived in Japan for a 365 days in 1955, on Kyushu. "Yukata" become the summer season cotton kimono, become all I knew...and there become no pageant for that. all and sundry wore the gentle summer season Yukata, *** the summers have been warm and humid. There are oodles of alternative fairs that are very impressive.

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    I checked the events calendar but the dates and times for the Hanabi Taikai have not been announced yet. Those dates will be released at the beginning of July. But last year there were several exhibitions all through out August. I am sure you will be in Tokyo for at least a few of them.

    Just be ready for killer crowds.

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    depends on the area but it is usually in June or July.

    main event is the 'fireworks" show.

    many people wear "yukata" and it's lot of fun.

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    summer. japan full for events and you will know it for sure.

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