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送音樂盒俾一個男仔,, 唔知刻咩好

如果送個音樂盒俾個同佢有小小曖昧既男仔,, 刻d咩字句好??

- 要英文既

- 短既(因為個面積好細)

- touching既,, 又唔露骨既

愈多愈好,, 十萬個感謝!!!


我想要d唔露骨既,, 唔好有love, kiss果類字...^^


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    I love U(我愛您)

    Wishes for you(祝福您)

    Only you(只有您)

    My other half(我的另一半)

    Let's keep our love secret(讓我們保持愛的秘密)

    I will always be there for you(我在這一直陪伴您)

    I'm loving you so long(我將愛您到永遠)

    Will you love me better tomorrow?(您明天會愛我多一些嗎?)

    Listen to the music,listen to my heart(聆聽這音樂,聆聽我的心)

    Forever with you(永遠跟隨您)

    If there is anythings better thanto be loved it is loving(如有什麼事比愛更幸福,這就是愛)

    I think about you day & night(我日夜想念您)

    You share all my joy & sorrow(您分享我的快樂及悲傷)

    Thanks of your love(謝謝您對我的愛)

    Kiss you is valuable / rare(吻您是珍貴的)

    My pleasure is...kiss you day & day(我的願望是...天天吻您)

    Love you like the sea is deep...(愛您就像海般深...)

    I'd pull one down for you shine(我會為你摘下滿天星光)

    Dreaming is beautiful,likes you(夢是美的,就像您)

    My life,because you(我的生命,因您而存在)

    100% love you,honey(100%我愛您,親愛的)

    No one can loves you like me(誰也不能愛到您像我愛您一樣)

    You're mine(您是我的)

    Enough?More kiss!(夠了?再來多個吻!)

    Diary is ours,just ours(日記是我倆的,只是我倆的)

    2007-05-15 19:58:04 補充:

    我想要d唔露骨既,, 唔好有love, kiss果類字...^^ ----------------------------------------my回答有呢類字,也有d冇呢類字,choose其中la~

    Source(s): 100% I think!!Thanks~
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    Only U

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    Source(s): me
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