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what is the meaning of '' child endangerment means?

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    Child endangerment simply means the physical or psychological mistreatment of a child by parents, adoptive parents, guardians, or other adults. The term emphasizes carrying out wrong acts, such as child neglect or not doing what is necessary too feed, cloth or nuture the child. It includes any negligence that puts the child at risk for injury, lack of nutrition, cruelty, or denial of human rights.

    Child endangerment is also called child abuse and neglect. Abuse is used in a generalized way, meaning neglect or placing a child in a potentially harmful situation. Including any act, or failure to act, that results in the death of a child.

    "A child endangerment statute of law is defined as a law creating a criminal offense, either misdemeanor or felony, which sets a standard of criminal negligence and criminal liability, for conduct or omission of conduct towards a child that creates a substantial risk of harm to the child."

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    Child endangerment means simply that. You have put your child in danger. This could be from neglect (not watching them properly) or by doing something purposefully to cause your child harm. There are many different ways to cause child endangerment. Unfortunately most children need to be hurt before someone will accuse a parent of child endangerment.

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    1 decade ago's pretty self explanatory. It means putting a child in harms way in some form.

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