Opinions on fixing a big dent on the roof of a 1999 Dodge Dakota Sport?

During Katrina, a tree limb fell from a very tall tree that's on the side of our house onto my fathers Dodge Dakota, leaving a rather large dent on the roof (to get an idea of the size of the limb, it fell at least 40 ft and took 5 guys from up and down the street to move it off the truck). Now my father, being the lazy guy that he is, never bothered to get it fixed or asked his insurance company if they would cover it. Now, a couple of years later, my dad drives a Corvette and has given me the Dodge, but I would like to get the roof fixed, since some of the paint has chipped off and the exposed metal is starting to rust. I am a student without a lot of money, but I will be able to scrape up about $1500 to get this thing fixed and I'm not afraid to make a DIY project out of this to save money. One person told me to get a new roof, but thats out of the question, and my gut tells me to grab a sledgehammer and bang it out, but I dont want to risk damaging my truck. Can anyone help me?

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    If the dent is not a crease, I would water down the dent area and get a really strong toilet plunger and pull up on the roof area working in a circle from the outward area of the dent toward the middle to bring it back up. I used this technique on a roof where someone sat in the middle and put a 1 1/2 to 2 foot foot dent in the roof. Didn't even see it afterwords. A crease dent will require removing the headliner and using a hammer and dolly to move the dent out. If the door frame area or window areas are creased you probably would have to cut it out and weld in a top from a donor vehicle.

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    Well, means of how you don't have much to loose. I would try the hammer thing. Don't use the hammer directly on the metal, use a board to absorb most of the blow and distribute it evenly. You probably want to hit in the deepest part of the dent, from the cab of your truck.

    The proper way to fix it would be to get a new roof and have it installed by a body shop. The insurance company would have totaled your truck, I am sure.

    There isn't much DIY here.

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    From the inside of the truck. Lie on your back on the seat and 'push' the dent out with your feet..That is if it is not creased.Otherwise you may cut another roof off a truck from a junkyard and have it welded onto your truck. About the cheapest way that I know of.

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    If the dent is creased then it will require more manipulation than if it is rounded but in amy case you should have a better idea of what your up against if you take the headliner out maybe you'll be able to push it out.

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    if your not happy with the dent then consider it already damaged so dont be afraid to try to get it out yourself by whatever means necessary. if you get it out then fine but i dont think youll have to have a new roof welded into place. when fixing a damaged roof body shops have car roofs rolled. its common practice fixing hail damage.

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