What is the difference between Impressionism and Post Impressionism?

What are the differences of these two art movements?

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    Impressionism (1870-1890) Mostly French artists Degas, Monet, morisot, pissarro, Renoir, Sisley.

    Impressionist paintings are brightly colored with paint applied in disconnected strokes that were intended to be combined in the viewer's eye rather than by the painter's brush. Whether their subjects were indoors or outside, these painters were primarily concerned with transient effects (e..g Monet's painting series of Notre Dame Cathedral in Rouen at different times of the day) and the way that light or sunshine dematerializes their subject-matter.

    Post-Impressionism (all painters from France: Cezanne, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Seurat) - 1880s thro early 1890s

    These painters shared a dissatisfaction with the relative formlessness of Impressionist paintings - its blurring of forms which were the result of fragmented brushstrokes (which had replaced the traditional use of a drawn line).

    In contrast, the Post-Impressionists were not concerned with the objective appearance of their subject matter. and how it looked at different time of the day. Laying the groundwork for a Modern Art largely based on concepts, theories and the personal emotions of the artist, they each explored (unlike the Impressionists) in different directions:

    e.g. Seurat evolved a mosaic-like technique- pointillism- evolved from theories of color and optics of his time. Cezanne experimented in ways to construct landscape and still life compositions; Gauguin and Van Gogh focussed on private symbolism.

    In practice, painting out of doors as favored by Impressionist painters was replaced by a slow and methodical painting process which generally could take place only inside the studio.

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    Impressionism Vs Post Impressionism

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    What is the difference between Impressionism and Post Impressionism?

    What are the differences of these two art movements?

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    Symbolism is something someone draws or paints to symbolize an object or person. While post impressionism is something someone draws or paints as he or she see's it in there own mind and not necessarily the way it really looks. But only their impression of it.

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    outdoors art and in studio art

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