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A question about John F. Kennedy International Airport?

Hello all! I am going to attend a convention out of state in June and will be leaving very early morning on a Wednesday flight out. The flight leaves at 8:45, and because of the check-in times, I expect to be there around 7 a.m.; I'd like to know if anyone knows of any diners that are in the immediate vicinity (no more than four blocks of walking distance). I refuse to eat airline food, and the prices at the airport are outrageous. Does anyone know of any diners they can recommend?-Steve.

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    Four blocks will not take you beyond the parking lots. There isn't really anywhere you can walk to from the airport with any ease. All things considered, eat at home before you leave, make a stop along the way, or get something at the airport which, in the end, will be easiest and occupy the time waiting between security and boarding.

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    Your flight leave at 8.45. I assume that's P.M. (if its A.M, you're crazy) And u reach JFK at 7 A.M the next day. Thats 10 hours on the plane & as u dont eat airline food thats 10 hours without eating. On reaching the airport, u have to walk about 10 minutes & then wait about another 30 mins. or so to clear immigration. Then if u have baggage, around another 30 mins. to get your bags.

    Thats about 11 hrs. minimum without eating.

    Are u saying that u would then prefer 2 walk as far as four blocks 2 eat at a diner rather than spend an extra $2 or $3, if that much, on a sandwich & a cup of coffee or tea in the airport.

    However 2 answer your question I agree with the others. I cant remember any diners close 2 the airport. Buy something on your way 2 catch your plane & take it aboard with u. U can get a soda or juice on the plane.

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    There is nothing out there .JFK is a huge airport . It's got to cover at least 8-10 square miles.

    The nearest decent diner that I can think of is the Sherwood Diner on 311 Rockaway Turnpike in Lawrence and that's 6 miles away. Basically Rockaway Turnpike forms the eastern side of JFK and once you get on it, it's a straight shot south to the

    Sherwood-good food.

    The closer you get to 7:00 a.m the heavier the nortbound traffic on Rockaway Tpke will be.

    From a geting breakfast perspective LGA would be easier and actually do-able

    Source(s): me-Queens native
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    How are you getting to the airport? If you're taking the subway and transferring to AirTrain, there are quite a few options near the Howard Beach and (especially) Jamaica AirTrain stations. Downtown Jamaica is quite a lively area, and particularly because of the LIRR terminal there you'll find several places serving the commuter crowd.

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    JFK is a big airport and you cannot be expected to walk from the terminal to some diner, I've never seen one I thought you can walk to from the airport. It is not worth it. Get your food from your neighborhood diner and brown bag it to the airport.

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