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What do Greeks think of the way Greek American culture is presented in My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

Do they think it's funny? Or take offense? Do you think it represents Greeks in a positive (if funny) light?


Looking forward to hear both from Greeks and Greek Americans.

Update 2:

The movie was on TV Sunday, and since it was such an enormous hit here in the USA I wanted to learn how it was received in Greece. I posted here in travel because I thought it was the best place to find Greeks, and I wasn’t disappointed! Thanks for all of your answers.

Since the movie poked fun of Greek pride, I also wondered if this might prevent Greeks from enjoying all the attention lavished on the culture in the form of exaggeration and fun. I think the movie was very good for Greeks.

Thanks for the recommendation for “Eleni,” I’ve put a request for it into my library. That’s a period of Greek history that’s not well known here, but still has a great influence on politics.

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    I'll tell you this; it's all true. My husband is Greek and so I'm Greek by marriage and I tell ya, the movie is sooo not a stereotype. It's all big fat Greek truth! And both my husband and I plus his family all find it quite hilarious because it IS so true.

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    Can I answer if I'm not Greek? As a British woman married to a Greek, I can see a lot of the Greek traits demonstrated by my husbands family in the film, I don't think it;s offensive to Greeks at all. It shows Greeks as a warm, family oriented hard working nation which is correct. As I live on a small island, many of the things in the film still happen here, I hope the island doesn't lose it's innocence and naivety because it's nice to see family values being so important.

    My husband's family would not accept me at the start, they only wanted their son to marry a Greek, we had a terrible time when we first met, but over time they relented and realised that love is love!! I respect their ways and although I don';t agree with some of them, it's the way they have been brought up, they also respect that I may have a different view on things. The baptism part in the film was funny, some English friends of mine had to go through it before they got married, I was already baptised so didn't need to, I think the film exaggerated that part a bit though.

    If you ask any holidaymaker what they think of Greek people they will also say "warm, friendly, generous, hospitable and they love children" I think that sums it up, and although it's done through comedy, I think the film depicts that too.

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  • Petra
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    I lived My Big Fat Greek Wedding --- 8 years ago. My husband is Greek and the movie hit pretty close to home... As a note, no, they didn't spit on me as I walked down the aisle, but they did make my vegetarian friend eat lamb one time :(

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    It was funny. But it also brings out the disparity between the Greek subculture in the US and homeland Greece. Greeks behaved that way about 50 years ago. You will have to go to a village to witness something like that. Greek culture has changed over the past 50 years. Not so in the USA. I'm 100% Greek raised in the states but now living in Greece. I'm 62 years old and I know what I'm talking about.

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    Greek from Greece myself. Yes it was funny but sadly greeks in greece are becoming more European the Greek way.

    We take all the bad Europe has. Loose family ties, love to money and property etc and we dont follow their good things

    orgamizing things, good schkools etc.

    greek American culture is still in greece of the 20;s ans 50"s. greece of the 00"s is another thing.

    Qustion to answerer above.

    Are you happy you came back??

    hre i quote an owner from a souvlaki shop who came back from Australia "when I was away every other day I phoned my brother now we dont speak at all"

    His wife "Φαγωθηκες να γυρισουμε πίσω"

    Greep shop owners from abroad have a tendency to argue while working!!!!!!!!

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    The movie was funny but nothing to do with the Greeks living in Greece. The movie depicted Greeks the way they behaved 100 years ago, nowadays things are totally different. Greece is a modern county with a European spirit and high educational level.

    Source(s): Rouse: if you dont like the questions in the Greek section you can get out of here. By the way, you are reported for continuously bashing Greeks. Have a good day. Hey Rouse, you talk about moussaka when you cant even afford to buy one. How much is your salary, 50 euros per month?Lol, pathetic.
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    I thought it was funny although it was partly true. My uncle in Australia wanted his daughters and grand daughters to get married with Greeks and he worked really hard for it. But who doesn't? I mean an American would like his daughter to get married with another American, in order to get the tradition going.

    I think the movie doesn't represent Greeks in a positive light but I liked the sense of humor. It's a little esagerated but anyway it's a commedy, it should be.

    * Greeks want for their children to study and go to the university. In the old times, they didn't want that for the girls, but it's been like ages since that.

    * Mousakas is a great food and we all think it's much better than the american food. No offense!

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    Exactly my dear Rouse, this is the greek section, and you personally dont have place here, since it doesnt concern your country...

    If we are proud of ourselves, it is natural, because we are the first who taught philosophy,our art is stollen, and it is serving like a model and a big school to all over the world..

    We have Hippocrates the father of Medecine, we created the theatre...I dont continue, i ll be again considered fascist...

    You want more myu dear?

    Our civilisation is one of the best.

    Concerning your question, yes, it presents some turths, concerning our opened character, and you are wellcome o our country to see what kind of people we are, we are lovely, and very proud of ourselves..but also very helpful, and we offer our hospitality with all our heart...

    But on the other hand, it is offensive, and i really get upset because some things are presented in such exagerating way...

    And I dont accept it....Because the greeks contributed so much in the economy of the United States, and they should be some productors more respectful to them...Everything is not dollar...Everything is not Hollywood...

    Ah, dear Rouse, we dont need lawyer here, we have already...

    Regards, also to those who are against us...It doesnt matter...Ygeia as we say in Greece(health).

    And about some food...they are byzantines...not recent....

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    i dont like it

    yeah it is offensive!

    we have so rich history and culture! if someone wanted to make a movie FOR the Greeks, then he would have a choice of millions of subjects!

    this is a film FOR the Americans

    not Greeks

    Regards from Greece

    ps. Rouse, this is section for Greeks! why you hide ur nationallity girl??

    go to ur section ok? oh! and read some history! it ll help you!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I thought it was funny. My mother thought it was obnoxious. Her parents, like my father's, came over from Greece before 1910 by way of Ellis Island.

    Both she and my father were born in the United States and were suspicious of Greeks who immigrated after World War II, during a period in which a civil war had erupted in Greece when the communists attempted to take over the country.

    Years later, after I had read Nicholas Gage's book, "Eleni," published in 1983, about the murder of his mother by Greek communist guerrillas, and had seen the movie of the same name starring John Malkovich and Kate Nelligan, released in 1985, I saw their point.

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    well,being a greek american,i think the film was funny!yes,it represents greeks in a good humored way!

    [one thing i have learned,is that many greeks can't take a joke] while others are good-natured and laugh when they see truths about their culture!

    my greek dad,didn't really want me to marry anybody!lol!NOBODY was good enough!!lol!

    the nutsy grandmother?mine was like that[god bless her soul!]do you know that when we greek women get together...we gossip about EVERYTHING!?lol!

    so chill everybody......most people love greeks...and let's laugh at our little quirks and [some]ways of thinking...for that is a part of this great culture,too!

    there are plenty of films with humor about american families...i laugh with that too!!

    just laugh~~laughter is the best medicine!!

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