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Glen Johnson vs. Montell Griffin what do you expect and with Diaconu and Dawson is the Lt Hvywt div back?

I haven't been excited about the light heavyweights in years maybe because Roy Jones Jr dominated it for so long it seemed like there was no competition. Even he had to move up in weight (John Ruiz) to create a competitive match up where we didn't expect a lopsided decision. Now it seems like it is all up for grabs and established fighters as well as newer undefeated prospects are all stepping up. Tarver had his 15 minutes but Roy had years and now it is anyone's for the taking.

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    Glen Johnson is one of my favourite current fighters hes not got the best record out there but many of his defeats were close descisions some of them he shouldent have lost. He still is underrated to an extent but i like the fact that he is one of the few modern day fighters that isent scared of fighting in other fighters backyards, and seems like a class act outside of the ring. He lost his last world title fight to Clinton Woods but fought well in a very cose fight again, i think he will have too much for Griffin and will probably win by KO. I agree the light heavyeight division looks good at the moment as well as the fighters you have mentioned and Woods there is the unbeaten Polish WBO champ who looks pretty good as well, hopefully there will be some good matchups coming up soon.

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    The blogbaba expects Glen Johnson to win and Griffin to lose. The youngsters are a breath of fresh air to the division.

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    I'm going with Glen Johnson. i already placed a bet on him.

    i like his stuff. really good.

    i seen diaconu fight and it was great. strong punches and for his size he's good with his feet.

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