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baseball online?

has anyone subscribed to baseball sites where you can watch it on line? is it worth the money? i found one called OFFICAL TV SPORTS.COM 19.99 a year!they are based out of england,so maybe some one in UK can give a heads up too.I would like to do this as a surprise for hubby. thank you.

ps . i heard mlb website blacks out certain games is this true?


nothing is wrong with watching tv.hubby is red sox fan wants to see their games

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    You can't legally listen to or watch ANY MLB game on the internet, except through MLB. The team is irrelevant, as is geography, since it applies to all MLB games.

    You can watch games, although there are blackout restrictions, by subscription to MLB TV. The blackouts are local, so they may not apply overseas. You can also listen to any game, broadcast in any language used by either the home or away team, at any time, live or archived, but by subscription only, to MLB's Gameday Audio.

    MLB's Gameday Audio is more than worth the money. I can't answer that question about MLB TV as I won't pay that much money for such a service either by Internet or by TV.

  • jc
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    thats a good price if its per year and mlb blacks-out non sold out or games that are close i dont know if they do it anymore

  • Anonymous
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    I think you can catch it on line for free. if I'm not mistaken. And yes.. its true according to what I know

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    Here's a question: Whats wrong with TV!?!

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  • 1 decade ago

    its probably worth it and its not alot of money.

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