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I went to annual credit report.com and I got my credit score from Experian.?

I paid the 5.95 to get my credit score and now I don't know how to log back into the website. Was the 5.95 a one time thing where you pay to review it once and can't get back in????

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    There should be a customer service number on the website that you can call and find out how to log back into your account. I am not sure if you paid for a one time report or if this is a monthly charge that allows you to track your credit score each month.

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    Source(s): Credit Annual Report at BESTCREDITREVIEW.COM
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    Credit Report.com Log In

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    Your Credit Report and score are viewable for 90 days from the date of the report. However, you have to log back into the Experian site to do this.

    You will need the Report Number to be able to do this. Since you ordered it if you gave them an e-mail address they should have sent you a receipt to your e-mail with the report number. If you do not have the Report Number you will not be able to get back into review it.

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    It takes nine seconds for YAnswers web page to open for me to be able to click on [add your answer] box. is my laptop slow??

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    Was going to ask this too

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