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Wyatts Rebellion?

I need someone to help me explain Wyatt's rebellion in as few words as possible :]

Thank Yooou!!


How about The Defeat of the Spanish Armada? How it happened...and all that.

Ps. Im writing a paper about Queen Elizabeth...just in case you were wondering why all the questioning :]

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    It was Rebellion started by Thomas Wyatt the younger. It was started because Queen Mary I wanted to make England Catholic and restrict the Protestants.

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    Thomas Wyatt considered Mary's proposed marriage to the future king Philip II of Spain to be an affront to England's national honor. He started a conspiracy and raised an army. On Feb. 3, 1554, Wyatt entered the outskirts of London with some 3,000 men. He advanced swiftly to the center of the city, but his troops became disheartened when the populace did not join their cause. Confronted by the royal forces, Wyatt surrendered after a brief engagement. He was tried on March 15 and executed less than a month later.

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    how do u want me to explane it

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