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Are you aware that the A.C.L.U. was created by Communists?

Suprisingly, many people are unaware of this important information


Roger Nash Baldwin, one of the founders of the ACLU and director of the ACLU until 1950, communist

Crystal Eastman ACLU co-founder, blacklisted and thus rendered unemployable during the Red Scare of 1919-1921

Upton Sinclair, founded the California chapter of the ACLU, in 1906 the Socialist Party of America sponsored his candidacy for Congress in New Jersey. He lost with just over 3% of the


Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, ACLU co-founder who ended up being the National Chairman of the Communist Party in the US

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    Oh, yes.

    In the original 1920 steering committee of five, there was one communist, two socialists and three pacifists. In a random selection of eleven additional members, four communists, five radical socialists, two pacifists, two feminists and two social reformers. Over the years it has only become worse.

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    Are you aware that many, many people were members of the Communist party at that time including politicians, business leaders, etc?

    It was a new concept and many bought into it.. Communism by it's definition sounds good - in theory.. However, in practice it doesn't work. Most of those members dropped out after several years when they realized that the "top dog" always gets the most meat....

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    now if there were a legal pro bono organization that protected the rights of AMericans we might be able to stem the red tide.

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    Yes and another thought along those lines is, Does anyone remember the Russian President who swore that Russia would conquer the USA from with in it's own ranks? I wonder just how close they have come.?

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    Yeah and so was the Soviet Union, and Castro's new Cuban government. Communism was a failed government, but did you know the first America was founded by Monarchists? Duh, everyone knows that. And we beat them out of here. So why don't you go and beat ACLU out of here too, besides things change with the times. You are beating a dead horse buddy. Why don't you go complain about the Roman Empire killing Christians, and how Rome was founded by Imperialist Pagans.

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    You got the proof so I might as well agree with you. The do use the court to get there way a lot which makes it nearly impossible to change things.

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    yes the ACLU was created by Communists and this is why they try to destroy the Boy Scouts of America and stand up for NAMBLA. The ACLU will try and get rid of God and fight tooth and nail for Allah.

    All one has to do is open ones eyes to the ACLU

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    its no important.

    we do have an american communist party, by the way. communism is just another political party.

    party affiliation has nothing to do with created organizations. the ACLU is non-partisan. they defend all american rights.

    they have more tolerance for others than I do, I don't know if I'd help a con/rep after they just insulted me.

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    Yes, actually I was aware of that, but thank you for bringing it up since very few other people are probably aware of it.

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    So What & Who Cares

    That is like crying because Mercedes was driven by Nazi's

    How about Aunt Jamiama pancakes do you realize she was fake.

    Go Team Red Go

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