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I think I have a stitch hanging out of my incision?

I had an implanted IV port removed about 3 weeks ago. The steri strips have come off, and it looks like a stitch is hanging out of the incision. It's black and looks like sort of like plastic. I thought it was a dried-up, bloody scab at first and pulled a little. A little more came out of the incision and I quickly stopped pulling because it hurt a little bit and no longer seemed like a scab. Any thoughts? I'm homebound and don't want my husband to have to use another vacation day to drive me to the doctor for something so minor. I thought the doctor said that she was using dissolving stitches under the skin and the steri strips on the outside. So if this is really a stitch, will it just disintegrate with a little time? Should I use scissors and trim off the part that's hanging out?

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    IF it is truly plastic it is not an absorbable suture and is a suture that is meant to stay.

    Not knowing the particulars you need to call the Dr and see what she recommends. It may not be necessary for you to go see her until your next scheduled visit and this piece of suture sticking out may be OK til then if you leave it alone.

    Source(s): 30+yrs in the medical profession with some of that time spent working in the OR with different types of suture.
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    Dissolving stitches are supposed to be absorbed by the body, but sometimes your body might have a small reaction to them and it will try to let them out. That has nothing to do with complications or problems. Since you are past the 2 weeks period, it should not be a problem to leave it there and eventually your body will get rid of it. Just use a pair of clean scissors to trim it and let it be.

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    They can take some time breaking down and will do so at different rates. The part you had sticking out will take longer to break down than one on the inside. Trim is would not hurt.

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    sound like the top layer may have been glued closed and a suture from a sq layer has poked through. You can cut it if you can or leave it be if it isn't bothering her leave it be, it will absorb into her body or fall off.

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    Call your doctor and explain what you see. Only he/she knows what type of stitches were used.

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    i'd leave it alone. Mine did that too. call dr if you have questions most will tell you over the phone.

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