why the trochlear nerve of brain dont go through the pons (first go back and then come anterior side) why?

all of the brain's nerves (except forth nerve) comes from the midel of the pons or medulla oblongata [such as abdocens nerve, oculomotor nerve, facial nerve,….]

but in forth nerve of brain (trochlear nerve) first it go back and then comes in the anterior side (without going through the pons) why?????!!!

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    There really is no WHY to this question, it's just the nature of anatomy.

    Cranial nerve (CN) VI - the trochlear nerve - simply has different characteristics than the rest of the CN. For example, a central lesion to CN VI will cause symptoms in the opposite side of the body. Lesions to the rest of the CN will cause symptoms on the same side of the body. CN IV also the smallest CN in terms of axons.

    This makes for great questions on anatomy exams.

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