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What do you think of Senator Graham calling all anti-amnesty for illegals "bigots?"?

He also stated that he liked Senator Ted Kennedy's ideas about illegal immigration. View SC Senator Lindsey Graham's insane comments at Racist Event - com/watch? v=5sEfrFoAIn4

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    People like to play the race card and call names when their argument is tries to detract from the real issue and cast a negative shadow on the other person. Hopefully he will learn the flaw in that kind of thinking come election day if not before. Bottom line is you cannot justify the pro-amnesty view with anything other than emotional just doesn't hold water in government and it doesn't change the facts.

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    Graham, like a lot of people, doesn't understand the difference between racism and nationalism.

    Were most illegals white english speaking Canadians, I would take the same position, as would most americans.

    Ted Kennedy is the idiot that got us into this position in the first place. He assured us that if we passed amnesty legislation the first time that it would end the problem.

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    This is what his website says:

    " Legislation should include better border security, employment verification requirements, punishment for those in the country illegally and a guest worker program. Both amnesty and the idea we are going to deport 12 million people should be rejected as unworkable, impractical solutions. "

    He is also very much in favor of the border wall and increased Border Patrol.

    Senator Graham's state does not have the problems with immigration that the southwestern states do, and while I do not agree with him, I do agree with him on most of the other issues facing our nation today.

    He also totally lambasted Reid for saying the war is lost, just tore him up in front of the Armed Services Committee:

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    No. in addition they did not call him a coward while he pulled the Marines out of Lebanon... in addition they did not call for a study into why a van crammed with explosives ought to penetrate a Marine barracks and kill 200 US Marines. Now, Reagan became top to tug those marines out of Lebanon AND his administration and the protection branch wouldn't have been investigated because of the fact issues ensue in risky places the place human beings do in comparison to us. I merely wish the conservatives could comprehend that as quickly as something is going incorrect in a distinctive administration. it form of feels very hypocritical. Reagan ought to not win a Republican usual as we talk. He became too reasonable and pragmatic for conservatives as we talk. They cream over the parable they have created from him yet they overlook the actual Reagan and that's on purpose. they like image extra advantageous than fact at the instant.

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    That's why he looks like a horses ***. His lips are permanently puckered from kissing illegal aliens and La Raza butt

    Smart man my *** do you have any idea of this punks record on everything. Hes a lying piece of ****.He only cares if it fattens his pocket. He'd support anybody that he thought he'd get something from. A bigger hypocrite you cant find except for Ted K....

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    Graham has always been long on name calling and short of doing the right thing

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    I don't think Graham has much credibility anyway. He's a pork Senator that delivers federal dollars to his cronies.

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    Yes, I agree that they are insane...sounds like he LIKES people who continually break the laws!

    I know for one if either of my senators support amnesty in ANY FORM, I will not be voting for them. If the opponent is someone that I don't like either, I just wont vote at all.

    I don't like people who break the law.

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    Utter horsecrap.

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    We are a very PC nation, sticking a hate name on it scares most people away for fear of someone thinking they are bigoted or hate, like it is even possible to be a bigot for wanting people to respect your country and obey its laws.

    Also most politicians are notoriously out of touch with how the people who elected them feel.

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