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help with finishing?

can anybody help me with finishing, give me websites and whatever that can give me pleanty of tips on how to finish ?

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    "Finishing" is easy to describe but awfully hard to do unless you are strong and have courage.

    1 - Work on your first step, IT MUST BE EXPLOSIVE! A lot of good basketball players are not truly "fast" but there first step is an absolute blur. The more able a person is to get passed a defender, the easier it will be to get a layup.

    2 - Work on your jump shot. If you are no threat to hit a shot, then it is basically a waste of time to go past 15 feet to defend you. The better your jump shot is, the more closely your defender will defend you. This will make it easier to drive past your defender.

    3 - Understand when you will be able to lay the ball up (it doesn't sound like you can dunk). If it is obvious that you will be unable to lay the ball up find a spot that will allow you to shoot a bank shot. ANYTIME you shoot within 10 feet of the basket you should use the backboard. This is one of the main reasons NBA scores are down (NOT using the backboard enough) . Also, learn how to shoot a hook shoot from this same distance.

    4 - If you are finishing on the left side of the rim it is "BEST" to finish with your left hand. This is difficult for most of the world since they are right handed (I'm left handed).

    If you are finishing on the right side of the rim it is "BEST" to finish with your right hand.

    When possible INITIATE contact. Many good guards do this effectively and has a number of benefits.

    5 - Even when the defender makes a good play on the ball there is bound to be some contact. If you initiate that you will be able to recover and still get a shot up. If you do not, it will be more difficult to finish. Again, it is NOT ALWAYS POSSIBLE to initiate contact.

    6 - Never focus on the defender. If you allow yourself to be distracted by the defender you most likely will miss the shot.

    If you do these 6 things you will most likely make the shot, be fouled or both.

    Source(s): Serving serious fundamentally sound basketball since 1983
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