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Why did East Timor get independence from Indonesia?

What was their reason behind their fight for Independence? And was it really a fight, or did Indonesia just agree and say ok?

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    what the reason behind the independence of east timore?

    "It was invaded and occupied by Indonesia in 1975"

    what the reason behind? it is their country,

    UN did a bad job to help them, it took almost 30yrssss before the help finally came to the country.

    and no, the muslim indomesia did not agree and let it go.

    Indonesia sign agreement with the UN to let the country run free, but when the country actuary voted for independence from indonesia later. the muslim indonisia start the muslim dirty war, then UN make up the INTERFET, send the multi nation troops to kick the muslim indonisia supported militant out of the country .

    after all no a single muslim cuntry say a word condemning the Muslim indonisia.

    look what they condemn everyone but when one of their own s-h-i-t around, they say no word!!!


    we have already seen how the muslim Indonesia treat minority chinese during the economy crises. even till now,

    they will blame every d-a-m-n thing upon the minority.

    how can a minority run the country to bankruptcy? if it is not the corruption muslim goverment? what a brainless muslim country!

    Source(s): when the muslim indonisia will stop lie about E.timor? 183,000 E.timor people got kill under Indonesian rule. what kind of help was that, lier muslim! here is one of many link tons of info about the brutal and lier muslim indonisia is on the internet.
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    East Timor was a Portuguese colony and has gain independence from Portugal in November 1975. Less than 10 days later Indonesia invade the new nation and made it one of it provinces. Therefore, East Timor fought for their independence. Indonesia agrees to grant East Timor Independence after being pressure by the UN. There were no fights by during the polling, there were some rioting going on.

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    Invade a small country, kill huge numbers of people, try to impose a foreign religion on the population, suppress freedom of speech and then wonder why people don't like you.

    There was some resistance but on the whole, the violent reaction of the occupying forces made meaningful resistance almost futile.

    The infamous Dilli massacre, where Indonesian troops killed hundreds of protesters, even shooting them as they tried to hide in a graveyard, showed why Indonesia had to be expelled.

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    I was been in Timor Est. The reason for Indipendence is Religius. Most of the popolation are Cattolics. And you Know that Indosian populations are muslums.

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    agreed with Boojzed

    they just ungrateful lot....

    didn't they learn the lessons?

    portugal left them dry... some of their leader ask indonesia to save them from civil war...

    then australia came and persuade them that they have a lot of gas n oil reserve which is when they split with indonesia the percentage of oil n gas goes to australians...

    now they're the poorest country in the world....

    indonesia brought them education, health, jobs, equal opportunities to their people with other indonesians....

    just a bunch of ungrateful lot....

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