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English question (I need your help!) (10)

1. If I say I'm intelligent, can you suggest some reasons?

(Answer in English, and better to answer completely and clearly. Thanks a lot for your help!)

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    If I say that I am intelligent, the reasons including:

    1. I am excellent in the academic (學術上的) result.


    2. I am creative (有創意).


    3. I am quick-minded (頭腦靈活).


    4. I am perceptive (有洞察力的).


    5. I am observant (觀察力敏銳的).


    6. I have high score (分數) in the I.Q. Test (Intelligence Quotient 智力商數 Test).


    7. My friends, classmates/colleagues (同事), teachers/supervisor (上司)/boss & parents all say that. How can I deny (否認)?


    8. I am smart (醒目) & sophisticated (世故) while I am good at (擅長) to tackle (對付) the difficult problems.


    9. The adoption (採用) rate (率) in my Yahoo Knowledge answering history is high.


    10. The most importance is that it is what I believe. To say, I am self-confident (自信).


    2007-05-13 13:46:08 補充:

    11. I have made great achievements (成就) in the school/ public (公開的) contest (比賽). (Handing on evidences 證據 to strengthen 加強 your points may be even better), eg.

    2007-05-13 13:46:56 補充:

    - Having represented your class/school to take part in the debate (辯論) contest (比賽) while your team has got the victory (取勝). I am eloquent (有口才的).

    2007-05-13 13:47:48 補充:

    - Having experienced to be the champion (優勝者/冠軍) various kinds of competitions, like Maths, Chess, Design, Slogan (標語), Writing & Lecture (演講).

    2007-05-13 13:48:29 補充:

    - Having been ranged (位列) in the top in my class according to my study (學業). - Having been selected (挑選) by the teachers/classmates to be the monitor (班長)/ Class Chairman (班會主席)/ team leader (隊長)/ head of the row (行長).

    2007-05-13 13:52:47 補充:

    - Having been promoted (晉升) in the company in short-term (短期).12. I am versatile (多才多藝的). I am capable (有能力的) of cookery (烹飪), needlework (縫紉), music, painting & I.T. (information technology 資訊科技). I am good comand in Mandarin/English/Japanes,etc.

    2007-05-13 13:56:41 補充:

    13. I always exercise leadership (具領導地位) among my friends. They depend on (倚重) my opinions (意見) & suggestions.14. I have petty trick (小聰明) to answer lots of riddles (謎語).15. I am studious (好學的) & thus knowledge constantly (不斷地) gains (增加).

    2007-05-13 13:57:27 補充:

    P.S. All are tailor-made (度身訂做的) for u according to my own wisdom. Should be enough for u to show off.

    2007-05-15 21:54:10 補充:

    Tks for your appreciation! Some grammatical mistakes are found. Revised as below:

    Item 8 ... good at tackling ... (after punctuation, it should be gerund)

    Item 11 ... to be the champion for various kinds ...

    Item 12 ... I have good command in ... (command is a noun, 我有很好的運用能力, thus using HAVE)

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    Well, if you say u are intelligent. You should fulfil a number of criterias:

    1.) whether you possess the specified intelligence.

    2.) you must be approved by the others instead of claiming yourself as an intelligent person.

    3.) those who are intelligent are normally learning a lot more knowledges than the others do.

    Source(s): Longman Grammer Dictionary
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    I can answer the questions which are difficult .

    And I get good result in the tests and exams.

    All of my friends admire me.

    Source(s): intelligent
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