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(#2)翻譯 幫幫忙~ 高點數

Liberals renewed their efforts to pass a new law strengthening property rights. It was adopted in March and will take effect in October. Critics grumble that it will protect former officials who bought state assets at give-away prices in rigged privatisations.

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The Communist Party has been sticking to its capitalist guns. Wang Yang, party chief in the south-western city of Chongqing, said in December that “irregularities” in the formative years of private enterprise were mere “birthmarks”, and perhaps even a source of later vitality. Mr Wang is seen as a rising star in Chinese politics and a possible candidate for prime minister in five years’ time.

Another argument holds that the state itself is not free from original sin. The stain here is a once-rigid separation of urban and rural populations from the early years of Communist rule, an apartheid system which enabled urbanites to live in relative prosperity but trapped peasants in poverty. It is now disintegrating. But, ironically, many of the urban residents who grumble about a growing gap between rich and poor remain deeply uneasy about removing remaining obstacles to rural migration into the cities.



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    自由主義者更新了他們的努力通過一個新法律加強財產權。它被採取了在3月, 將起作用在10月。評論家抱怨, 它將保護購買國有資產以洩漏價格在被裝配的私有化的前任官員。

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    共產黨黏附對它的資本家槍。Wang 楊, 黨院長在重慶西南城市, 認為在12月, “不規則性” 在形成期私人企業是僅僅 “痣”, 並且或許甚而源泉的最新生命力。Wang 先生被看見如同一個上升的星在中國政治和一名可能的候選人為總理在五’ 年代。

    其它論據保持, 狀態不是從原始的罪孽解脫。汙點這裡是都市和農村人口的一旦剛性分離從早年共產主義規則, 使城市居民居住在相對繁榮但被困住的農民在貧窮的種族隔離系統。它現在瓦解。但, 諷刺地, 抱怨關於一個增長的空白在富有和貧寒之間的許多都市居民保留深深地心神不安關於去除的殘餘的障礙對農村遷移入城市。

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