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    Some schools research in robotics are under Electrical Engineering department. Usually robotics is considered in control area. However, the relevant technology such robotic vision, image processing, computer control are spread out to other area such as microprocessor, signal processing. This is the electronics portion. Since robotics are heavily rely on microprocessor control, software, signal processing, you really need to know the electronics well. Another portion of robotics are the mechanical part. Still, automatic control is the main emphasis on the robotics. Dynamical system is another important research area. Different schools have different emphasis on mechanical engineering. However, there usually will be courses in dynamics, statics, fluid mechanics, advanced mathematical techniqus for mechanical engineering such as finite element analysis, thermodynamics, biomedical devices (in some schools), MEMS and NANO software engineering, combustion... etc.

    So you can see that there is also some electronics and software elements even in a mechanical engineering program. You may find jobs in aerospace, automobile design, consumer electronics, biomedical devices (mostly designed by electrical engineers and mechanical engineers, not the doctors), MEMS (Micro-Electromechanical System), nanotechnology, business, semiconductor (thermal, stress analysis, and the equipment)... You still have a wide choice of career after finishing the graduate degree. Don't worry!!

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