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可以幫我中文翻英文??? 我有自己翻過了 但想知道更正確的

今年報考了全民英檢 多益的考試 想測試自己的程度到底好不好

雖然我花了很多的時間去看英檢 但我還是敗在文法跟寫作 心情大受打擊

知道自己身邊的朋友都有過英檢初級 很替他們開心 不過我想再接再厲就報了多益的考試 要考多益考試還真不簡單 必須要會很多單字根文法 讀文章的時候也要看的快 不然兩個半小時根本寫不完 我的弱點是在文法改錯 我完全看不懂 也找部到哪裡有錯誤 越寫越想哭 唯一我覺得簡單的祇有聽力 但是聽力有100提 到最後我都聽到快睡著了 我的多益分數再過不久就會知道了 真是緊張阿 總覺得我連350分都不到 如果不到350分的化那就代表我的英文程度真的很差

我有自己翻過了 但想知道更正確的

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    The examination which registered for examination civil English check TOEIC this year thinks testing oneself's degree is exactly ok or not

    Although I spent much time to see English check my still hurting at the grammar heel writing mood is greatly fought

    Know oneself nearby of the friends all once had an English check an entry-level to substitute them very much happy however I think again connect again fierce reported the examination of TOEIC and test TOEIC examination to return really remarkable have to want would a lot of grammars read the time of article also wants to see of quick otherwise two and a half hours' basically writing not to finish my weakness' being in the grammar to correct mistake me don't understand to also find a department completely to where have a mistake to write more to want more cry unique I feel simple of have already listenned to only power but listen to the power have 100 lift till the last me to hear fall asleep my TOEIC score fast again lead will know soon is really strain always feel I connect 350 cent all not go to if not go to 350 divide into of turn that English degree which represents me really and badly

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