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Has anyone personally met and experienced healing from Dr. SHA (, the certified medical doctor..

Has anyone personally met or experienced healing from Dr. SHA (, a US certified medical doctor from China who is also a master of various martial art disciplines including tai-chi, qi-kung, shaolin kung fu? He has written many #1 Best Seller including "Soul Mind Body Medicine". My friend tells me he is is now a full time spiritual teacher and healer claiming to be God's Universal Servant and has performed miraculous healings and offers free long distance remote healing around the world every week... i'm impressed with one of his teachings that "all illnesses are due to some form of blockages on the cellular and spiritual level, Unconditional Love melts all blockages and Unconditional Forgiveness brings inner peace". His ambitious mission is to join all souls through love peace and harmony by teaching "i have the power to heal myself, you have the power to heal youself, together we have the power to heal the world. Has anyone had had first-hand experience with Dr. SHA?

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    I have a wonderful story about a healing I received from Dr. Sha.

    BACKGROUND: I developed cardiac arrhythmias (irregular heart beats) in November 2006, including thousands of potentially life-threatening PVCs (premature ventricular beats) per 24 hours; runs of PAT (very fast heart rate originating in the upper heart chambers, the Atria). I felt exhausted. I was under the care of my primary doctor, a cardiologist and an electrophysiologist (a cardiologist trained at Stanford Medical Center to perform delicate procedures to stop the irregularities).

    I was given medication which left me quite tired and was evaluated for an invasive and risky procedure that threads a line into the heart and ablates (burns) the irritable area where the irregular heart beat originates.

    Although I had made significant lifestyle changes, including a leave from work, and did daily self-healing the irregularities would slow for awhile and then return in full force leaving me quite tired and my doctors concerned. I was told to stop driving and avoid vigorous exercise.

    EXTRAORDINARY HEALING EXPERIENCE: In January, 2007, I received a major healing from Master Sha. This was an extremely powerful, permanent healing called a soul transplant. A soul transplant brings a unique form of Divine presence. Master Sha gave me soul transplants for all the major components of my heart. The arrhythmias completely stopped within a few hours. I was astounded! This was after 3 solid months of profound cardiac irregularity, fatigue, multiple cardiac tests, medication, many many doctor visits and a trip to the emergency room.

    Currently, my heart rate is regular, I have stopped all medications, walk briskly for extended periods, can briskly climb many flights of stairs and am no longer deeply fatigued. My doctor is amazed!

    This type of a result is nothing short of incredible. As a former cardiac recovery nurse I deeply appreciate how truly astounding this healing is. And there are many similar stories. You can read these stories at and see for yourself the wide range and depth of this Master’s power.

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    and this happened in 2007 - seems a bit far fetched, I don't like the way this many says that if you dont pay him pots of money to get his healing you will not get better, Jesus does a healing for nothing, hope you are all listening out there, this man is only after your money.

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