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Does anyone really want to see a Mayweather/De La Hoya rematch?

Personally I had it scored at home as a draw and didn't think Mayweather did enough to win. I actually may have given a slight edge to De La Hoya just for being aggressive and trying to make a fight out of it. It was a decent fight but not a great fight and I don't see much changing in the rematch. Even against Mosley when De La Hoya made adjustments and fought better the outcome was the same. They may sign a rematch to make more money but is it really something you fans want?

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    I'm sure it will happen, but as far as me wanting to see it, well...that was enough for me..Its done and over with. I did watch it and I also thought Oscar won the fight. I'm not trying to take anything away from Mayweather but he didn't throw as much..I'm sure you heard Oscar say " I don't feel like a loser" And that's how I also see it...I couldn't wait to see the fight, I don't think I will get into it as much as the first time.

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    I want to see Mayweather shut up and lose to De La Hoya because Oscar deserved that win as he was the more aggressive and stronger boxer. The fight wasn't appealing to most fans as I even fell asleep during one round. I would love to have a rematch so that Floyd may become humble for once.

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    Personally I wouldn't like to see a rematch. However, I think a lot of people that are dissing Mayweather obviously have never seen the guy fight before. Those that think Oscar easily won that fight have obviously never watched boxing seriously, or know anything about the sport. If you want to see blood and guts, stick with the UFC, but if you want to see a master of his craft, watch Mayweather. Has anyone ever heard of stick and move? Or defense for that matter? Oscar applied pressure, true, but it was ineffective pressure. As far as the guy who thinks Foreman took a fall for Ali, that is positively the stupidest comment I have ever seen posted. I do however agree with the other poster that a Paul Williams fight versus Mayweather would be great, and possibly Mayweather's first loss.

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    I wouldn't watch it I lost money on De La Hoya and the build up led us to believe that this was gonna be a slug fest and it wasn't, did you notice how they hugged after the fight. They staged the whole thing to make themselves more money they probably planned the whole thing. I'm not saying the fight was fixed but they don't really hate each other at all. That was the most boring fight I have seen ever.

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    I would like to see one because I honestly believe de la Hoya won. Mayweather got lucky and I think it was because the judges SLEPT through the fight. I am a woman and even I know Oscar won that one!

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    I think they owe us an apologie and a rematch. This time they need to fight like them men they are and not like the money hungry babies that i saw fighting in a large playpen. They both fought with no emphasis,! what happend to all of mayweathers talk!!! This fight was for the money not for boxing. Everyone should get their money back.,

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    Too undesirable this combat is even happening, what proportion situations are you able to squeeze the sponge and gouge human beings for money to verify a washed up DelaHoya get trounced by Mayweather back. the greater effective combat could be Mayweather vs. G. St. Pierre, or BJ Penn.

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    I would love to see them fight again, what i would not love is paying 55 dollars to watch it again. Styles make fights we all know that. Mayweather is a boring fighter to watch, because no one can match his style. The fight I would like to see, is Paul Williams and mayweather, so we could all see mayweather get that first loss

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    Not really. It wasn't a very decent fight. We shell out money for the fight..then we're greatly disappointed...but the fighters aren't. Each one gets money anyway. Blech, no rematch.

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    I heard it was a set deal. This time De La Hoya. What then? Another rematch? MONEY!!!!!!!!!

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