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Did ozzy osbourne really bite off a doves head?

I found this at wikipedia

"After signing his first solo career record deal he came in to meet some of the people who worked there. His plan was to release the doves into the air to get people to notice him, but when no one noticed, he changed his plans. He grabbed one dove, bit its head off, then spit the head out. Then with blood still dripping from his lips a security guard came to remove him and on the way out he bit the head off of another dove.

Is this true?

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    While the incident with the bat would continue to haunt Ozzy throughout his career and can be legitimately called an accident, the infamous dove incident was definitely not accidental. It seems it was a publicity stunt planned by Sharon and Ozzy. Ozzy had just signed with a new record label, CBS, and he and Sharon were being introduced to the head executives of the company in Los Angeles. CBS was not overly interested in Ozzy, having just signed Adam Ant, and to them he was just another album. In an attempt to gain their attention, and publicity, it was arranged that Ozzy would enter the office and then throw two doves into the air. It is unclear if the rest was intended or simply a spur of the moment decision on Ozzy's part, but instead of two doves flying into the air, Ozzy took one out of his pocket and bit the head off of it. Ozzy admits to being drunk at the time of the incident, but regardless of what the initial plan was, the end result was plenty of publicity, and most of it not at all pleasant. The man who was already referred to as the Mad Man was now condemned and attacked by more people and groups than he would ever had imagined.

    I'm ninety-nine and nine-tenths sure it was alive, but now I can't say for sure. I remember I was leaning forward and thinking, "How cute," and suddenly he bites its head off. There was blood on the floor. I think he ate the head; he started spitting some feathers out. I was in shock. It's hard to remember too much after that, to tell you the truth. It was horrible. - An eyewitness of the dove incident

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    Ozzy Osbourne Dove

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    Ozzy Osbourne Bat

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    Yes. I remember Sharon telling the story of how they were meeting with people from the record company and Ozzy was going to throw a couple of doves up in the air. Ozzy was drunker than hell and bit the head off one. The record exes were appalled. With the bat someone threw a dead one on stage and Ozzy thought it was fake and bit it. He had to go get rabies shots.

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    ozzy osbourne bite doves head

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    The bat incident was January 20, 1982 in Des Moines, Iowa. I was close to the stage and saw the whole thing. Someone threw the bat on stage (dead or alive, I don't know), Ozzy picked it up, opened the wingspan, and bit the WING of the bat, then threw it back into the audience. That's the true story

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    Yes, a dove AND a bat. Your story is true, and onstage he bit off a bat's head. He claims he thought it was rubber.

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    Yes he did

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    yes, and a bat as well.

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    I don't believe it was a dove. I believe he was on stage and bit the head off a bat. They were worried about rabies.

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