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How to make grass darker without much growth in blade length?

We have a nice lawn and we fertilize pretty often. We water regularly, too. This spring, we also removed the excess thatch which helped get more oxygen to the grass, and kept it from starting out "lumpy" which seems to normally occur in the first springtime growth. It looks good, but I would like to know if anyone knows what you can use to give bluegrass the darker bluish look, wider blade growth, without the excessive length. Maybe this is not even a fertilizer question, but thought I'd give it a try. When we fertilize, it seems to cause more growth in the blade length rather than the width. I have noticed that the blades are often wider where there is more space between plants, thus more oxygen. Anyone have any experience with this?

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    Chelated iron will darken a KBG lawn without stimulating top growth, but its color affect is short term. If your soil is neutral to alkaline, sulfur can also darken KBG without stimulating top growth. Sulfur has a much longer term affect on color than iron. Finally, plant growth regulators applied to KBG can reduce the growth rate. Some of these regulators do so through cell size reduction (Primo Maxx) that helps to concentrate the green color into a smaller blade. Though regulators will not increase blade width, they can darken a KBG lawn, reduce the rate of top growth, stimulate root development and increase overall density.

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    Iron will green a lawn without adding growth like fertilizer.

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    Schultz used to make a product called "Iron Green".

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    Green food coloring.

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    Best way to find out what your lawn needs if anything is to do a soil test.

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