Can a pregnancy test give false negative result if taken to far into pregnancy?

Can pregnancy home test give a false negative result if taken to far into pregnancy?I havent had a period in 5 mos Im usually reg.schedule.The first month I took a preg test got neg result.Recently 5 mos later no period 2nd preg test is neg still.I feel movement in my stomach and have pregnancy symptoms.I have three kids already and know what fetal movement feels like.Is it possible the 1st time i tested to early and the 2nd time to late?What month in pregnancy would the test give a false neg even if u were pregnant?

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    It's possibly to test to early, but never to late when you're pregnant. Because the tests check for HCG which is only produced when you're pregnant, you could be 5 weeks or 5 months and it would still show positive. There are however some medications that can cause a pregnancy test to read a false positive/negative. My suggestion would be to have a blood draw by your Ob/gyn or family Dr to confirm the presence of HCG and if so what the counts are, the higher the count, the farther along. A period can also stop for many other reasons though, stress, very low iron, under or overweight, cysts etc. If you truly are 5 months along, you should be feeling movements already. You're best bet is to see a physician that can confirm with a blood test and follow up with an ultrasound based on your results. Good Luck!

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    Wow, I have never heard of that, but it is possible. HCG levels do lessen as the pregnancy gets farther along. And some women don't ever test friend was 4 months pregnant and still getting negative hpt's. Her hormone levels just never went up enough to show positive. Her doctor said that it happens a lot more often than you would think. But if you really were five months along then you should be showing ....however, it is also possible that you weren't pregnant when u took the first few tests, but somewhere between then and now you got pregnant...which would also cause you not to have a period. The best thing to do is to just take another test and see what you have, but at this stage I would probably recommend a doctors visit. Best of luck to you hun!!!!

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    My wife hasn't had her period in 3 months, and she's starting to feel movement down below and has pregnancy symptoms herself.

    She just took her first pregnancy test and she's negative. But that doesn't mean she ISN'T pregnant. It means that the level of hormones that the tests look for just isn't high enough for them to detect.

    We figure that the point at which she SHOULD'VE taken the tests was the first two weeks of April--and one week after conception. (Which was March 27-30th.)

    3 months later is a bit of a waste.

    So at this stage in her pregnancy--like yours--the tests won't be positive.

    That's like an alcoholic taking a breathalyzer tests when he haven't boozed out in week and the results are negative.

    It doesn't mean he's no longer an alcoholic. It just means he hasn't drank in awhile.

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    Depends on what type of pregnancy test you did. EPT tests are called as such because they can only be done early in the pregnancy because of a hormone called HCG. This hormone is usually only found within the first three months or so. If you took one of those ones, chances are you did get a false negative.

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    No, if it gave a false negative that means that test malfunctioned. Take another test. The horomone that appears during pregnancy is called hGC. It will show up throughout the entire pregnancy, reglardless of how far a long you are, so basically, if you are pregnant, a pregnancy test will be positive at any point.

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    Ok well I think at this point in pregnancy you're hcg level has tetered off and you may get a negative ..........I'd say you have a really big chance of being pregnant I got a lot of -'s at the beginning but I was persistant and I am in fact 33 weeks preggo you have gone quite some time without prenantal care hopefully as you have had this suspicion for sometime you are taking care of yourself I would see a doctor by now it will be obvious with a pelvic exam b/c of changes in the uterus and cervix. God bless you

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    I am not sure how far into a pregnancy the home test will give accurate results, you should contact your doctor and have a blood test done for more accurate results. If you are you should be getting prenatal care right away, there are tests that need to be done if not to late.

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    There is no way you are pregnant. The hcg hormone is what is tested and the amount gets higher in your system as the pregnancy goes on. Are you breastfeeding, extreme excersicing, going through menopause? Thyroid can affect your period, your pituitary gland can affect your period. I would go see a doctor and get things checked out. Good luck to you.

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    Both my pregnancys the tests showed up positive at around 4 weeks (from the first day of my last period) so about 2 or so weeks after ovulating?

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    have your pregnancy confirmed by a doctor as soon as you can get anti natal treatment i had a friend who had 15 neg tests ( she did them reg not at once) went to doctors and docs told her she was bout 5 months preg ( by feeling her womb)but the test the docs did was neg she has healthy 2yr old daughter now

    so not all tests are accurate go with your gut feelings

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