I shared my plate of breaded sea scallops with my dog lastnight and now he's sick!?

What should I do? I gave him a little Immodium earlier and that helped a good bit, then a little while ago I gave him 1/2 a baby aspirin. He's up now and acting much better...think he'll be alright now?


Any suggestions I should try if he becomes sick again? My vet doesn't have after hour-hours. He's just been upset on the stomach and some diarrhea earlier today.

Update 2:

Dogs can have human medicines, only certain ones. I used to study it.

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    You did exactly right with the Immodium. My vet advised me to give my cat 1/2 an Immodium for a similar reason. The baby aspirin was of no value by the way and should never be given to cats, but 1/2 a baby would not harm your dog. If he continues with the diarrhea, you may give him the same dose 24 hours later. Cottage cheese also works to bind him back up if you don't use the Immodium. Something about the breaded and fried sea food or even just too much sea food will upset an animal's system as it does many humans, especially as we pass age 50 in dog or people years.

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    Breaded Sea Scallops

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    Probley it not that bad once I gave my dog some spicy shrimp but the bad news is he got the runs it was gross your dog just might have the same thing as my dog did propbley not that serious but if you think so go to your local vet and they will know better than I would.

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    Start feeding your pet food made for dogs. Not the food on the recall list though. A lot of "People food" is not good for dogs and will not supply them with what they need to grow and thrive.

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  • 1 decade ago

    He'll probably be fine. You should never give dogs human medicines though. Unless your vet gives you the ok to do so. I think you were lucky this time.

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    Call a animal hospital, and ask them

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    That was smart! Don't you know that your not supposed to feed your dog people food? I hope you learned your lesson.

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