What kind of cell phone plan should I get for Iowa?

My uncle lives in Hospers, Iowa (zip code 51238), and is a truck driver. He'd like to get a cell phone for when he's on the road. He travels from Iowa out to the west coast about 2/month, and would only use it occasionally.

What network has the best coverage for Iowa, going west, and should he get a pay-as-you-go phone, or a regular plan?

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    Well, Verizon has been named the "coverage king" of the west with over 5,000 cell sites just in the west (from the middle of texas over) they also have a lot of roaming partners so if Verizon doesn't have service in an area one of their partners might. The only state in which Verizon has EXTENSIVE roaming agreements is nevada and probably kentucky but roaming exists in almost every state with EVERY carrier. If he gets a Contract phone he will not be charged at all for roaming...thats why the contract department has changed the name for it...to Extended Network. Pay as you go can charge him up to 69 cents a minute...Also, I would recommend Contract because some parts in Iowa has Extended Network and some near states also do. If he choses to get Verizon MAKE SURE he asks for a Tri Mode phone that supports digital and analog networks. Analog is the older form of cell phones that works much better in mountains. Verizon is trying to get rid of their analog network but it wil be around a while. Verizon also has the best customer service so if he has a problem...it's easily resolved. IF HE CHOSES TO GO DOWN A MORE POOR ROUTE then i'd say cingular...but he MUST get contract if he expects a fair network...pay as you go with cingular doesnt offer roaming so they only cover 40% of the whole united states. I would go with Verizon though. With Cingular Iowa has a lot of roaming just like verizon...only slightly more...also, unlike verizon roaming will appear more often...GO VERIZON...All other carriers are out of the picture

    Source(s): http://verizonwireless.com/bestnetwork http://cingular.com I work for Verizon. More questions email me.
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