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do you think itis ok to have sex after only 1 month of dating?

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    Why not? If both parties concerned are willing to have fun, I see no reason not to :)

    You can do it even sooner ;))) It's nobody's business if two consenting people decide to have sex.

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    Time means nothing. The first date is OK if both of you can deal with it. There is no timeframe. If 2 people meet and 1 wants sex and the other is looking for a relationship, go find the sex elsewhere. Someone will get hurt which isn't cool. That's why men get such a bad rap. They take a woman out, have a great time, get in bed, then never call again. Don't do that. There are plenty of women out there that don't want a relationship and just want sex as much as men. Or, if the guy is looking for a relationship, don't be so eager for the sex. It happens when it is supposed too.

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    Isay if your heart says yes, if you aren't being pressured and wouldn't do it otherwise, and your mature enough to take precautions or deal with any consequences that may comefrom your decision, especially as a couple, then go for it.

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    If your adults than its fine, if your minors wait till your mature.

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    if you've known each other longer than that. like if you were friends way before you started going out then maybe. but i wouldnt.

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    That all depends on the 5 b's: boobs, body, brains, beauty, and butt

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    NO! don't do it.

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