Who can recommend a good hotel in central Amsterdam?

Preferably in the Liedsplein area. When I say good I mean affordable but nice

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    There's a floating hotel near grand station. the water bus stops earby. not too sure of the name but I'm sure you will find out in expedia.com

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    Depends a bit what you consider to be "affordable'. An unexpensive option is the stayokay hostel in the Vondelpark. To be honest I haven't been there, but I live in Amsterdam and I heard good stories about it and the location is great. The Vondelpark is a large green parc just off the Leidseplein - lots of things happening and very central. They have double rooms too. Another more expensive option, but special, could be Hotel de Filosoof - also just off the Leidseplein. It's an entirely different category though: not cheap, but charming.

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    I stayed at The Times Hotel. It's not exactly at Leidseplein but it only takes less than 10 minutes walking to get there from The Times. It costs between €60-€80 per night and you get this nice modern-minimalist type room with a classical canal view. Nice places to eat, shop, and sightsee just around the corner from you.

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    we had our honeymoon last week in Amsterdam, we stayed at Dikker & Thijs Fenice Hotel, 1 min from The Liedslein sq. Very nice hotel, extremely clean, nice canal view. If you are going with your couple, we highly reccommend it!

    Have a wonderful time, enjoy the city!!!!

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  • papars
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    Hotel De Westertoren. It's located in a traditional Dutch building and offer free breakfast in room every morning. All attractions are nearby.

    However, the hotel has no elevators and room service is almost non-existant. They have a room with a balcony that offers an excellent view.

    Source(s): Stayed there.
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    In Amsterdam is a broad spectral range of attractions for recreational and social sightseeing. They range between intriguing previous buildings, like the Oude Kerk, to oddities such as the Hash

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    Victoria hotel by central station.

    Source(s): 5star
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    try hotel arena

    nice hotel and also have a club where you can go for clubbing in the night.



    if you like - try also the service apartment.

    there's so many in Amsterdam and mostly cheaper and nicer than hotel.

    have a look :


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    i'm going to amsterdam too!!!yah cant fuckin wait!! I'd tell you where I'm staying but you might turnn out to be a psycho!! ;)

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