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Is the area code required when sending a text message?

I live in a city where the area code is not required to make local calls. I am trying to send a text message on a Motorola V3c (with SaskTel Mobility if that helps) to someone in my contacts who has a phone in my local area. After I complete the message, I enter his mobile phone number with the area code, and the phone immediately matches the it to the number in my contacts list, where the number saved in it has no area code. Will it still work, or will the message bounce back?

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    Yes all text messages require the area code. It doesnt matter which company u have either. That is why all my contacts are entered with the area code. It makes it easier.

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      if there is a protocol difference and a person new to cell phones does not know - it will drive them crazy figuring it out.The standard answer of "everyone knows that" is an insult only to those who say it.

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    There should be no need for the +, simply put the country code followed by her number. It should get there no problem. Try a test where she sends you one, where country code for US is 1. So put in everything that you would dial after the 011.

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    If you are texting someone out of your local area, I would imagine an area code would be required, if you want them to get your text.

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    You must use the area code or the message won't send.

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    If you can call the person and get through by that number you can text them.

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