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do you think candace parker made a good decision not going into the WNBA?

this year candce parker of the tennesse lady vols was offered a spot into the WNBA draft but turned it down to finish college do you think she should have accepted the draft spot??


i think she made a good decision

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    She is still developing as a player, and an educated woman is worth more than a dropout.

    Think about it, if Candace had a career ending injury, she can still use her college degree to get a good job, maybe even start her own company.

    The starting salary for a rookie in the WNBA is only

    $ 41,000, it's not worth skipping college for that.

    At the same time she is improving her game, and her team leadership is growing.

    Pat Summit is a better coach than any in the WNBA.

    Whichever team lands the lucky #1 Draft Pick will have an experienced veteran, a leader in Candace Parker, instead of just a rookie.

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    She'll only better her skills and make herself even more proned to come into the league and change a team's tragedy into sucess. She'll get to the league and be a star without a doubt. She's heightening her skills and getting an education while doin so. Good call waiting.

    NCAA men need to look and learn from it.

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    absolutely! barring a really serious injury (God forbid), a pro career will always be there for her. if she leads the vols to another championship run, then she can be considered as one of the best ever at the college level and she may just have a degree for her efforts.

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    no there is not as much money as in the NBA the main reason most college players leave

    an finishing school is always the best choice she is a very smart and intelligent young lady

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    i think she made a good desision to not go to the WNBA because everyone should have a good education so that u have sumthing to fall back on.

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    Usually id say go pro...but why not finish out your education and go another year for memories and a chance for another say it was a good decision

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    I think that she made a bad decision . I would have said yes to the offer.

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    does anyone even care about the wnba? i sure don't.

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    should go NBA

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