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Samurai Sword?

I'm looking at starting sword training and was wondering if anyone knew of a good style?


I'm out in Pittsburgh, PA. The middle of no-where

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    ki-aikido. They have swords as part of the training. It involves learning how to throw an opponent without great effort.

    I have had wierd expereinces in this martial art. THere are people who can throw me without touching me. Also, with weapons training, I have often felt myself pulled into my training partners sword (if advanced) by something that I can't easily explain (how it felt)

    There are also tales and videos of aikido masters whoa re able to crack bamboo that is suspended over paper, without tearing the paper.

    ki-aikido schools are part of something called the ki society. Yo could probably look online for a ki society school in your area

    Source(s): Student in ki-aikido. Also takes shaolin-do and capoeira Discovery channel (for the scene)
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    Instructors for Japanese sword training are hard to find unless you live near a large Japanese community, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, or New York City. You need to find someone to direct you to a Kenjutsu school (those that practice with a bokken-wooden sword). If that's not possible, then look for a Kendo school ( those that practice with a split bamboo sword) within or near a Japanese community or church.

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    It may not be as hard as you think to find a school, but finding a good school is harder. There are many good styles of kenjutsu, kendo, and iaido out there, depending on where you live. If you tell us where you are that might help to find you a school.

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    or what you could do if you have the time and patience is start with kendo and teach youreself the basics you could probabaly find books or go on pure instinct just a suggestion.

    Source(s): myself i am self taught teacher and can still out rank schools
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