I think the worst bank in US, credit card scam, cheating consumer the most which is the HSBC bank from H.K.?

Worst credit card company (NSBC of H.K.) working with BEST BUY Gang up together to cheat their customer , promotion had all hidden traps, so they made you pay for a lot later and did not tell you work you sign for,and when you ask, they answer something else to drive you to different subject so their customer service, lie to you and find ways to charge you, do you how to file a complaint for their outgrages charge ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    So what your saying is that either you did not read the terms and conditions or did not understand them. Which is it?

  • GUS
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    1 decade ago

    I have a credit card from HSBC and I have no problems at all with them. Your writing skills are horrible. I hope you are a foreigner and English is your second language because if you are as ignorant as your writing makes you look then it's no wonder you are having problems with HSBC. I doubt you read or understand the terms of your agreement. Good Luck

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