Where would MLS teams play in England?

I've watched enough football to know that even the top MLS teams would have a very hard time keeping up in the EPL. But you don't see enough lower league football in the States to get an idea where MLS teams would slot.

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    I think a good MLS team would slot in somewhere in the Championship (1 league down from the premier) I don't necessarily think they would win either, but could finish mid table. The lesser teams and an expansion team like Toronto FC would be League 1 in England. (it goes Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2)

    The EPL is just a much faster / physical league. As of yet, MLS teams don't have the personnel to play at that level. While MLS teams have done alright in the offseason tours vs. big teams, I think the results would be much different if something important was on the line.

    If I can use one example, I watched the Toronto FC home opener vs. KC. The best player on the pitch was Danny Dichio, a 32 year old centre forward who has been a journey man in the English league. He upstaged Eddie Johnson. Even though it's only one game, there would be no way Dichio would have anywhere near the same amount of influence in an EPL game.

    I think the MLS is getting better no doubt, NY signing Juan Pablo Angel for example. He was a decent player with Aston Villa...although a little inconsistent. But right now, the difference between the two leagues is still pretty big.

  • jc
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    No MLS team would ever be good enough for the EPL league. Well at least if a team was in the EPL I think they would be more toward the bottom of the league. Although if they made an all-star MLS team then I would say they could hang at the top.

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    I have only seen a couple of MLS games, but they didn't look like they could cope in the Premiership. I think the better ones would hang around the middle of the championship. Most though would slip back into league one and two.

    The English lower leagues are uniquely strong (championship total attendance is regularly higher than Serie A), and clubs such as Manchester City, Nottingham Forest and Leeds United have all recently spent time in the third tier. The MLS teams might do better in other countries.

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    I think realistically MLS sides would struggle in the Championship here in England nevermind the Premier League. Anyone who's watched lower league football will tell you that the Championship is fairly competitive and there are actually a lot of really good sides. A few of the top Championship sides would most likely give a good account of themselves in European competition even though they wouldn't win any of em.

    Football in England generally is of a very high standard and this is reflected in the competitiveness of each division from the Premier League down to the 2nd division. The top MLS sides would struggle in the Premiership and would most likely to struggle to finish anywhere above mid-table in a 42 game Championship season. If you're looking for a realistic comparison i'd probably say lower Championship to 1st division here in England at best.

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    IMO, some of the best MLS teams could keep pace with a Wigan or Sheffield United (bottom tier of the EPL), but the majority of them would bounce from the championship and league one. As for Toronto, I know of some Sunday pick up teams that could give them a run for their money :)

    It is kinda hard to say, because the styles of the two countries' leagues are vastly different. I'm basing it off the players that go from one league to the other and how they fare.

  • Thomas
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    Some of the MLS teams may be able to keep up with the Championship division (The New York Red Bulls, Houston Dynamo, Chicago Fires, and LA Galaxy).

    There is no chance they can keep up with the EPL teams though. Too much talent in EPL

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    the standard of the top two leagues in English football is fairly close,so if you think MLS teams would struggle in the premier league they would probably find the championship league(that's the old second division with a flashy name) hard as well.the most likely would be the third division.

  • Sicula
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    Realistically, last year Houston would be on par with and middle of the table team. The talent is there and they were well coached.

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