Is it safe too run down stairs while pregnant?..?

Ok i have read and heard alot of questions on running while pregnant...and that it is safe as long as you were to do it b4 you were pregnant... well is it safe to run down stairs while pregnant... i live in a 2 storey house... (wtih bf's parents).. we rent the basement but during the day im mostly upstairs with my son.. and if i hear the phone ringing i sometimes i run down the stairs to get it.. ( my phone is connected to a fax so if i dont get it on the 3rd ring it connects to the fax)... and it dont have call display on it so i cant just call back who ever called..

well is it safe if i have been doing this b4...?...


Ok i didnt need all your smart *** remarks... i was asking a question.. i know the fact of falling isnt safe at all.. im just simply asking!!!... so please if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say it at all!!!!....

Update 2:

i was pregnant 3 years ago with my son and i didnt have the problem of not seeing my feet yet.. lol.. i could still see my feet i know all pregnancies are different and i was just saying that i dont need rude comments obviously i know the dangers of falling.. i just ment if it would harm my child to be running down the stairs.. if i did not fall!!...

and i have been taking extra caution not to run.. i am trying to eliminate that...

well thanks!!

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    well i ran whilst pregnant i dont think it would harm the baby what so ever there is a sac around the baby for a reason to protect. il apologise for all the nasty comments others made theres no need for smart remarks theres always a chance of falling that didnt need pointing out. honestly why are people so mean!!

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    Running Down Stairs

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    as your belly grows your center of gravity will change and also blood pressure fluctuations sometimes make you a little dizzy.

    I think there is a huge difference here because if you are running accross your living room, and fall, you only fall as far from your butt to the floor. No big deal.

    As your belly gets big and you get front heavy if you misjudge your center of gravity and fall forward down the stairs you will be falling alot further than just a couple of feet, you could fall a long way down.

    So I would be careful on the stairs for that reason. Can you get a cordless phone to take upstairs with you?

    My lady I am not being a smart alec. Have you even got to the point where you can't see your feet yet? Maybe you are just early on in this but ... your center of gravity will change, it will get harder to see your feet. I guess you will know when its not safe to do, you have instincts like the rest of us.

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    you can do it as long as you don't exert yourself.It is you who will suffer,if you happen to meet anything could send some money and arrange for a telephone id.all you have to do is transfer the fax and the phone to the floor where you will be mostly.may be,since you are OK now even if you have done earlier,since you are able to put your problem in form of question in yahoo care.avoid doing all that you were doing in a haste,like running down stairs, or me to say this is not safe .

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    No that does not sound too safe. What would happen if you fell down??? You would most likely lose the baby. I would buy a new cordless phone with caller id. That solves it all. You dont have to go up and down at all and you can see whos calling and chose if you want to answer. I definately wouldnt take my chances of running down the stairs especially if it is someone unimportant. :-) Good luck!

  • 4 years ago

    At only 11 weeks.. your fine. Just be very careful you dont fall. There are many woman who JOG while pregnant. You just need to be safe. Instead of runnning to the bus stop why dont you leave yoour house a few minutes before so you could take your time. Goodluck!

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    Running down the stairs to get the phone, your son, etc. should do you no harm. It's the act of running up and down the stairs constantly I believe that could eventually do "damage." It doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong.

  • Lori F
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    If you are upstairs most of the time, why not just get them to phone that number. Set up certain times for people to call you , that won't interfere with your bf's parents lives, or be annoying to them.

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    that answer was rude but tru, i do it also we live in 3 story house and I run up and down my stiars but since preg,I try not to do it so much since if I do fall bad things could happen,so I suggest try to break the habit..

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    No, Its NOT Safe :)

    The Baby Can Catch Heart Tack :)

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