Is it normal for a pregnant lady to feel like her boyfriend isnt going to think shes attractive?

When she gets a big belly? I am 7 weeks pregnant, I am not married. But I am scared as hell that he is not going to think I am as hot anymore. Is this normal?

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    Yes! I feel like a cow Everyone else says I look adorable. I wonder what they're looking at. Our self esteem tends to drop once we have a big belly and pimples and all that other stuff. On the bright side we get bigger breasts, and the truth is pregnant women are beautiful. They symbolize fertility and life. I wouldn't worry about it. If he loves you he won't think about the weight gain, he'll think about his baby your carrying. Good luck and Congrats!~

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    Yes! I feel the same way! I am 8 weeks, and so far haven't gained any weight. But, I worry that when my belly gets big, he won't be attracted to me anymore. Or, what if I get stretch marks or a saggy belly after the baby is born? I know how you feel, I worry about that stuff, too. It may be shallow of us, but I think it's normal.

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    So you're planning to get married? When? Before you do, actually before you have sex with your girlfriend again, PLEASE go get tested for STI's. Sleeping with another woman put you, your girlfriend and your child at risk. DO NOT sleep with her until you have been tested. You were already selfish once - do the right thing this time. You know, honestly, I think you should tell her so she can decide whether she wants to marry you or not. If you use her pregnancy (that you helped cause) as a justification to cheat, who knows what else you will justify. If you really did love her, you'd love her even when she doesn't look the greatest - especially because the reason is pregnancy. At the very least, get tested for STI's. And don't marry her unless she either knows that you cheated, or you are committed to really loving (and having sex with) her and ONLY her. Because it really sounds like you're not ready for that.

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    Oh yes.. I feel like that all the time. Since I've gotten pregnant I've broke out with bad acne. I've never had acne before and rarely ever wore make up. My hubby tells me to go get a pedicure and relax. No acrylic nails though, it's bad for you and the baby. But a pedicure sure does help with feeling pretty again. Try getting your hair done too! He won't think that your less attractive, if anything he'll be like my husband and think that your even more beautiful because your carring his future son or daughter!

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    I think its normal for any woman (pregnant or not) to feel that way considering the general male population. But communication is the key to any relationship. Even if you feel silly, tell him whats going on.

    What I did:

    I found a very close friend, put on some sexy not-too-revealing lingerie, and had her take pictures of me while i was still not showing. Then i made a pinup calander to put beside his bed. It remided my husband that maybe I put on a few pounds but it doesn't make me ugly.

    If all else fails, go flirt with that cute grocery boy or gas station attendant, then get yourself a massage treatment

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    Yes, I do think this is normal. Unfortunatley, we live in a society that equates thinness with beuaty and sexiness. If he does dump you because of the changes your body is going through, then he's not worth it, even though he is the father of your child.

    Yes, Im bigger now than what I was 20 weeks ago. Im at the tail end of my non-maternity clothes and will have to go shopping next week. I don't care. It's not like I've gained weight due to poor personal care. In most of my clothes, though, I just look as though I'm "curvy", which is fine. If people want to think I'm fat, that's their problem, not mine. I have a husband who thinks I'm sexy. I'm carrying life inside of me.

    My husband thinks I'm sexier now at six months pregnant than what I was six years ago when we married. He's in awe of my body and the little baby inside of me.

    When I was dating, I always figured that if a guy didn't like me for me he wasn't worth my time.

    I do want to fit into my non-maternity clothes as soon as I can after the baby. That's because I do not shopping and I don't want to have to buy anything new if I have stuff that's already good and wearable. (Plus, I figure that poking around a thrift store or any other store with a newborn will be even more less fun than shopping without a baby.)

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    Sure it is normal. You may never feel attractive during your pregnancy, and your boyfriend may not ever think it is attractive in a sexual way. But you guys may start to feel a deeper love and attraction for each other in a more innocent pure way. Which will help out your relationship in the long run.

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    I feel that way all the time. I'm 39 weeks pregnant so my belly is really out there now. I think it has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself more than how he feels about it. I dont like it at all. I feel so bloated and unattractive. My husband tells me everyday how attracted he is to me and my baby belly. I'm so greatfull that he does to because it makes me feel so much better about myself.

    I'd say talk to you boyfriend about it. Tell him how you feel. Thats what I did. When I started showing I told my husband how unattractive I felt and that is when he started telling me I was wrong. Good luck and congrats to you and your boyfriend!

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    Doesn't matter if you are married or not. All women think that way and trust me when you get big you feel it again. Trust me in the end you won't care if you are hot because all you will be thinking the entire last month is how can I get this baby out. Then after he/she is out all you will think is how long until I can fit into my prepregnancy pants so I look hot again.

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    Yes it is very normal. I am 14 weeks pregnant and I cry all the time in front of my boyfriend and say " I' m Ugly". But he is so supportive and tells me I'm not ugly and he still finds me attractive and wants to be with me. I feel fat and ugly sometimes but it just goes away with his support.

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