Owning real property does not mean that all rights are protected, show two examples of where rights are limite

Owning real property does not mean that all rights are protected. Show two examples of where rights are limited in ownership of land or personal property

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    (1) The rule of sic utere tuo ut non alienum. Do not use your property in such a way as to diminish another's use of his own property.

    (2) Eminent domain, the power of the government to terminate anyone's ownership of property and take it for public use.

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    WATER does not always come with the property! Some places that does not matter, but others (Utah, Arizona and othe desert regions it is very important. Be sure that water rights come with the property. Remember that a seller can sell the water separate from the real property.

    COVENANTS can be in place that restrict what you can do to the property, IE: color of paint, what can or cannot be grown, if you can or cannot work on your car on the property, how many cars you can park on the property. It is always best to think how you want to use your property and ask if their are any covenants.

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    1) There is no longer true (real estate) property ownership in the US (except the State of Louisana) since the abolishment of allodial title (back in the mid 60's). You now, in most states, rent your "real property" from the county. You don't pay the rent (property tax) you loose the right to "own" and occupy it.

    2) Deed restrictions due to zoning

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    There is a servitude over it;

    There is a restriction on mineral rights;

    There are regulations restricting usage and building

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    environmental hazards and dumping


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