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What is the going rate, per page, of small business website design?

I graduate in a year with my e-commerce and web design degree and I already have small businesses asking to design their websites. I have to do one for free to satisfy my intership requirements, but what do I charge afterwards?

My specialy will be small or family owned businesses, businesses that usually make well less than a million a year. Obviously I'm not going to charge $400-$600 per page to a mom and pop store. So what would be a an average, fair price?

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    Don't bill per page, that's just amateurish. More importantly, don't undersell yourself. Bill an hourly rate that is fair for your skill level. Somewhere between $25 and $150+ an hour (probably closer to the former - the latter is reserved for truly high-end talent). It doesn't make any sense to sell at a discounted price just because some small businesses think it is too high. That just betrays a lack of understanding on their part about the true value of a website. If they need hardwood floors, they pay full price for them even if it is alot of money, because that's just how much hardwood floors cost. I have had many small businesses not just balk, but actually get angry and accuse me of trying to rip them off because they wanted a website for $200 and I quoted $10,000. They just don't have any understanding or frame of reference for how much a site is actually worth - in development time or in real dollar value.

    If they simply can't afford your rate, then make them a website using a template - some decent ones can be had for as little as 50-100 dollars - so that you can bill fewer hours to keep the cost low. Make sure they understand up front what you are getting, otherwise you are devaluing yourself. Word spreads - you will be known as the designer who only thinks his work is worth about $8/hr in real dollar terms, because of how much work you do for such a low rate.

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    It varies... you can find guys on Craigslist to do it for about $25 a page, but you find pros doing it for $1500 a page.

    The thing about a web site is that it's 3 things: Graphic design, Site design, and copy.

    The graphic design is the general look of the site. It generally runs between $300-$3000 to get this done, but you're safe on the lower end.

    Layout is the one people most often get wrong because they wind up doing it themselves. Then again, the only people who know how to do this are the SEO guys. Sure there are some reputable ones, but most sell snake oil. If you do it your self, make sure it's easy to find everything and that your page names are intelligent, and the titles reflect what's on the page. I'm assuming your clients will do this for you, so there's no need to charge. There is a good marketing oportunity to offer a design review for a little extra to make sure that the pages maximize performance.

    Copy is the text on the page. If you're selling thing for manufacturers, you might be able to get away with their copy, otherwise make sure your copywriter is great. They range in price from $25 an hour to $150 an hour or so. It usually takes between 60-90 minutes per page for your standard web page.

    So if you're offering these things to your clients, I would recommend that you outsource anything you're not a pro at. The quality will shine through.

    Anyway, make a spreadsheet, figure out how much time you will spend and money you want to make per project, and run those numbers to see how much you need to charge. Trying to charge what the market will bear without analysis of whether it's worth it isn't a good plan,

    Good luck.

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    Ok, not really an answer, but your university should tell you this: an internship is NOT doing free work.

    An internship should consist of you and a mentor, atleast, and you should be learning from the mentor's job experience... Such as, how much to charge!

    I hope this is the case.

    Seccond, for small business such as those you have mentioned, ... I would have to see your skills, but I like the last poster said, to start out for a basic xhtml css design, 25 or 30 dollars would be good. Make sure to ADD some hours for vacation time and extras, as this should not be included on your hourly rate.

    Source(s): Learned the bad way.
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